Friday, July 12, 2013


Apparently "Bem-Vindo" means "Welcome" in Portuguese.

Okay we will work on Portuguese later.

Anyway, This is my mission blog!

Basically I wanted to create a blog where I could organize my thoughts, letters, pre-mission preparations, and everything else mission related.

Also I wanted to create this to clear a few things up. I know that some of you were offended that I didn't tell you that I was planning on going on a mission, and heck some of you have no idea what a "Mormon Mission" is. So if you so choose to continue reading this blog my next few posts should hopefully explain everything! But if any of you have questions about what a mission is or anything please feel free to email me!

I really appreciate those of you that have given me positive feed back and support thought out this whole process. You all are the BEST!

Love Always,

Side note: I'm still trying to figure out the design that I want to use for this Blog so please excuse any messiness and what not. I'm still experimenting!

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