Monday, January 26, 2015


Well this week was just fabulous We had multi zona which is always really fun, got to see all of my buddies, and I got the wonderful opportunity to play the piano..honestly I really don't like playing the piano in front of people, eu tenho vergonha, but it was good.
. Multi Zona.. I don't even know how this picture happened but all the missionaries were singing happy birthday to everyone that has a birthday this month
 Presidente Canuto!!!! I finally became a "Missionária de Excelência" Woohoo 

We learned alot of new techniques and we talked alot about our desires and actions it was motivating. I always leave multi zona feeling like there are so many things that I can do better. So this week Sister Pontes and I decided to put into practice what we learned and we worked our butts off inviting everyone to be baptized, infelizmente nobody excepted, but hey we are practicing our faith.
Batismo de Cristinao!!

We had an interesting experience this week. Cristiano, our recent convert invited other missionaries from another religion to come and talk to us...oh my gosh..we showed up at Cristianos house you know already to teach him and everything and then these other missionaries show up and they see the book of Mormon and they start asking all of these questions you know trying to bash our doctrine saying all of these things why our church isn't true and what not and my companion and I just sit there like "okay cool dude" And then he is all like "And women should not be teaching men about Christ" I just wanted to be like EXCUSE ME!? But we just let him talk you know waiting for our turn and finally when he was done I was all like "Sorry but we didn't come here to bible bash with you we came here to teach Cristinao, and we know that through the power of the Holy Ghost, though feelings of peace and love, and happiness we can know all things and quite frankly sir I don't feel any of these feelings with you" and then my companion was like "We are representative of Jesus Christ we have been called by him to preach to every creature the way of eternal life" Dude the Spirit was strong, and Cristiano was all like yeah Mórmons do have the truth.. The other missionary there didn't even know what to do..haha he was all like, okay, sorry, and then he left.. goodness. life of a missionary.

Honestly like I said before, I think all religions are good, I think it is so important that we show respect for one another, but I really don't have alot of patience for people that disrespect others..not cool.

But yeah we had a good week, trying to find people that want to go to church.

Nothing to exciting happened. But hey here is some pictures, love you all,
Sister Roberts
 So when people ask me what my first name is I'm like "Mallory" And they are all like "What thats too hard to say" and I'm like "no you know the brand of the Fan" And they are all like "" yeah sou eu!

Last Pday some members took my companion and I to some Japanese Gardens it was really cool.
 My favorite Family that we are teaching
 Mayka and Mauro aka best ward members ever.. love them!
Guys I love don't even know
Took a min to do some exercises...só que não
So we were feeling fancy and decided to go to the churrascaria!! Its like a buffet place where its all you can eat, but the best part is that the people walk around with these huge knifes with steak on them and come to your table and slice off the meat for you (I don't think I explained that very well..but oh well)! It was so good..and I ate way too much. I think I gained a couple of kilos but its fine..
So there is this American couple of Utah here in Poços De Caldas..they are teaching english, and they wanted to buy us ice cream :) they´re cool
 I saw a hourse..nay

Monday, January 19, 2015

Cristiano :)

This week was great.
We had alot of really cool things happen Lots of miracles, the first
BATISMO!!!! Wooohoooo!!
Cristiano was baptized Saturday! 
All day saturday I was freaking out, I was like "Is Cristiano really getting baptized today, or is this just a cruel joke?" and then his baptism was suppose to start at 6:00 but he didn't show up till 7:00 and so of course for that whole hour I was freaking out haha sometimes I forget that I am in Brazil and everything starts like an hour late. But that baptism was beautiful and his invited his family, and so now we have new investigators to teach, so I am really excited about that :)

Cristiano came up to us and was all like "so I have 2 hours everyday that I can go out and make visits with you" He is so excited about missionary work. He is really really great. We are going to try really hard to help him go on a mission here in the next year. I hope that everything will be in his favor so that he can go on a mission. 

I am so grateful for my mission, it has really changed my life, in ways that I didn't even know was possible. 

We met a lot of really great people this week with a lot of potential I'm praying that one of them will have the same desire that Cristiano has and will follow the example of our savior Jesus Christ and be baptized.

You all are great I love you all!!
Com muito Amor,
Sister Roberts 

Monday, January 12, 2015

pink eye

So this week I got sick..gosh I think that I am allergic to the sun..:P but its okay, after my companion and I suffered from Brazilian pink eye we are all ready to go out and work this week :)

Cristinao may just be one of the coolest people that I have ever met. This guys is awesome, yesterday during our lesson with him he was asking about what he needs to do, to be a missionary, and he is so excited to get baptized Saturday! He has already invited all of his friends and family to come to his baptism. Ahh I love him! We are going to try really hard to help him go on the mission. Haha I've already planned out all the little packages and what not that I am going to send him if he goes and serves the lord.

We are seeing so many miracles here. Gosh life is so funny,I remember 2 years ago I was so stressed out about the decision whether I should go on a mission or not, and here I am, this by far was the BEST decision that I have ever made. I can't express to you how happy I am, how much I have grown, and how much better my relationship with the Savior is.

I love you all, you guys are awesome, thanks for your support and prayers
Love, Sister Roberts

Monday, January 5, 2015

Feliz Ano Novo :)

Guys, I can't believe that its already 2015...dude.. I feel like this year is going to big! I'm excited!!
We had a pretty productive week Sister Pontes and I have been working our butts off trying to find people that want the gospel and after much prayer we found one! WOOHOOOOOO!!!
Cristiano! So about a month ago we were knocking doors and we made a contact with this guy named Cristiano, at the time he didn't seem like he was really interested or wanted anything, but last Sunday out of no where he showed up to church. He was all like "Yeah I don't really like my church and I'm trying to find God and my friend invited me to Church so here I am" OH MY GOSH!! MILAGRE OF MY LIFE (yeah okay I know that I use that phrase alot but guys you don't even know!)

We have been meeting with him almost every day this past week and he went to the batismo Saturday for the other sisters and he went to church yesterday and the fireside last night and HE IS GOING TO GET BAPTIZED in TWO WEEKS!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!! basically this guy is chique 10!

I am so happy you have no idea. I feel so blessed..soooo blessed to be serving in a part of the world where there are people who are looking and searching for the truth, who are so open to hear the gospel. basically I love life...:)

Also this week I hit my year mark hear in the mission field so I decided to read some of my old journal entries from a year ago...oh my gosh..I am so happy that I never have to live my first transfer ever again. Its funny because a year ago I was so lost and confused and had no idea what was going on and now I speak Portuguese like a boss (okay well dá para entender) and I can just see a huge difference in the person that I was a year ago and the person that I am now. I hope that I can continue to change into the person that the Lord wants me to be.

I love you all I hope you all have the best new years ever!

Com Amor,
Sister Roberts