Monday, February 23, 2015

Lago de Silvério

So yet again it took a year to get here, haha I had left Poços de Caldas Monday afternoon slept in São João da Boa Visita with the sisters there, and then traveled to Pircicaba and met everyone in the Bus Station. It was weird because I didn't know anyone!! Hhaha you know you are old on the mission when you don't know ANY of the missionaries at the Bus Station! But it was cool I took the opportunity and made some new friends and I hung out with Sister Sargent while she was waiting for her parents to pick her up (yeah that was probably the most trunkiest moment of my life seeing her parents pick her up..never again!). I met my new companion, Sister G. Carvalho. She is from the Southern Part of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sol! She is awesome..haha I love her already, oh my gosh I have laughed so much this week you have no idea!. So we slept in São Manuel with the Sisters there. 

So part of my new calling includes going on divisions with some sisters and helping them out with their difficulties. I had a really spiritual experience Tuesday night as we were talking with the Sisters in São Manuel. One of them just arrived here in the mission and was really struggling. She was sitting alone in her room, so I went in to go talk to her. Man she reminded me of me, my first transfer was so hard, you know, in a new place, new routine, new people, different county, different culture..its hard. We had such a good talk about the atonement. It feels good to help other people. And this experience helped me realize that with the Lords help we are capable of our Callings.

Finally Wednesday afternoon we got here in Jaú! So Jaú is a small city that has two branches. Yep this will be my first time in a Branch (the actual name of my branch and area is Lago de Silvério), and I'm not even in a stake haha I'm in a district, So the church here is really small but it is growing! I really like this area, its got so much potential. Its going to be fun watching this little branch grow.

This week we worked so hard!!!!! Oh my gosh it is so hot here and I am so tierd. We walked so much running to each appointment, but we invited a ton of people to be baptized. We had a lot of investigators at Church. Its good because all of this work is keeping from being trunky!!

okay, I love you all!!

Have a Good Week

Love, Sister Roberts

p.s. I will try to send out pictures next week. my card reader broke :(

Monday, February 16, 2015

Tchau Poços!

This week has just been weird. Thursday I said good bye to sister Pontes and Sister Forsyth, they are finishing their missions and went to hang out with president in Piracicaba for a few days. So Sister Emidio and I stayed here and we were running around all over the place. Oh my gosh I walked up and down so many hills this week because we had to go visit people in her area and we had to visit people in my area. So for the past few days we have been taking care of two areas and now I am just exhausted! Also we taught some really weird lessons this week...people here are crazy...:P

But Sunday something really cool happened, Thayna (you know the one that was baptized on Christmas) taught Gospel principles and she did a fabulous job!! She is amazing, also this week she told us that she is thinking about going on a mission. Also Cristinao is going to receive the priesthood next Sunday! It is so refreshing to see the people that you helped baptize continue to progress in the gospel. It makes me Happy :)

So today I found out that I am getting transferred. I kinda already knew. I am a little sad to leave Poços because I love this area, but at the same time I am excited to have a new area:) 

So the awkward thing is that I don't remember when I am going I think I am going to Jaú maybe... haha But this transfer I am going to be a Sister Training Leader....yeah didn't see that one coming... Which basically means that I get to go on a bunch of divisions helping other sisters out, and I get to go to leadership council...haha we will see how this goes.

I'm happy, loving life, praying that I will get to see a monkey today before I leave!

Love you all!

♥Sister Roberts

Monday, February 9, 2015

Hey can we leave you with a present?

So this week was mais ou menos. We tried working again on Tuesday but my toe was not healed all the way :( It got infected again and Sister Canuto me mandou para ficar em casa :( So we went back to the doctor Friday,

Well actually this is what happened, when we were there the first time we left us his number and he was all like, call me if it still doesn't get better, or if you are having any other problems. So we called him on Thursday, and he was all like "MALLORY" gosh its so weird to here my first name.."I was thinking about you today, how is your toe? How is my favorite American patient :D :D "...oh my gosh.. i think we was trying to hit on me. So I explain to him the situation and he is all like "okay come to my office tomorrow and we can take a look at it."

So we get there, get everything taken care of and as we are saying good bye I'm like "hey can we leave you with a present? And he gets all excited and he is like what kind of present. hahahaha

I hand him O livro de Mórmon..haha funny. He is all like "Oh I know people from your religion. I want to know more. Does this book have all that I need to be saved" 

Yes Doctor Walace, its got everything you need to know.

So that was a cool missionary experience, and hey if he gets baptized then all this time in casa wasn't in vão! 

But guess what today I am a FREE WOMAN!! All my toe problems and what not are taken care of and Sister Pontes and I are already to go.

This week we visited one our neighbors luciano, and had a really spiritual experience! And we marked a baptism with him for this month. Praying for him that everything will go well :)

Life is good,
I am happy
the church is true

Love you all!
Sister Roberts

Monday, February 2, 2015

Parabéns! Mas Você precisa uma pequena cirurgia

Aww thanks guys for all the Birthday Wishes, you all are awesome!
21 What up!

So this week was interesting...actually it was probably the most interesting week of my whole mission..goodness.

So here's what happened, about a month ago something super strange was happening with my foot. yeah so I go to the doctor and he is all like "é bicho no pé"... umm that's awkward, so I get that removed and taken care of then what happens these past couple of weeks its been super painful to walk and I'm thinking its just because of what happened with the whole bicho no pé situation so I go to the doctor and I'm like "look should this be happening?" And the Doctor is like "yeah that's normal, tudo vai da certo.." Yeah no that's wasn't normal. So as we are visiting one of the irmã she looks at my foot and is like "What is that" and I was like I don't know. haha dumb.. So she was like "I am going to take you to the doctor tomorrow and everything will be getting taken are of" So I was like cool..i love my life.

So Thursday we get to the Doctor and he is like you have an ingrown toenail... fabulous.. And he was like we can take care of this right now but you won't be able to walk for three days... fabulous. So it turns out that a month ago when the other doctor was messing with my foot he cut my toenail all weird and this happened. goodness I having so many wonderful experiences here in Brazil.
 So Thursday I had a pequena cirurgia got everything taken care of and basically spent the week end in our casa aka prison.

At first I was not excited about any of this you know I hate staying in casa when we have so much work to do. But this month I am trying to do the Nephi Challenge and not complain so I switched my attitude real quick and this week end was pretty tranquilo. 

We watched all of the church approved movies that ever been made, updated the Area Book, and I read 400 pages of the Old Testament...

Also My Companion and I played uno... haha fun fact, Sister Pontes and I only fight when we are playing Uno ;)

But I had a pretty good birthday, I spent some time with one of my favorite irmãzinhas and the Sisters Threw a pequeana FESTA for me. We ate pizza. It was Romeo and Juliet, my favorite (cheese and guava).

Also we saw milagres at church on Sunday. I was a little sad because we spent so much time in our house this week that we prob wouldn't have any investigators at Church on Sunday.. but guess what we had 3!!! Wooohooo!! 

God does bless us, even when we can't give it our all, he knows we are trying, and as long as we are doing out best he will make up the rest.

Love you all have a good week!
♥ Sister Roberts
 Me and Elder Woelki.  It was our Birthdays this week