Monday, March 31, 2014

Não Gosto ficar em Casa

This week I again spent much time in my house not working :( My companion is still sick and so are the other sisters. :( But things are looking better for this week so hopefully we get to go out and teach our Pesquisadores. We have so many people that have so much potential for baptism and it is so frustrating that we haven't been able to go out and teach them. But we did make a division yesterday and one of the other sisters and I went and taught the Restoration and made some contacts so I feel good about that.

This week I decided to watch the Restoration in ALL of the languages. (obviously I got really bored and ran out of things to do). I understood English, ASL, Portuguese, and I understood most of the Italian as well and a little bit of Spanish. All as I was watching all of the weird Asian Languages I became extremely grateful that I am learning Portuguese and not Japanese or some crazy language.

But, we did get to watch the General Woman's Conference (is that what it is called?) last night. It was so Good!!! Honestly I understood maybe a quarter of what was being said but the spirit was so strong and the spirit taught me so much that it didn't even matter what was being said because I heard what I needed to hear. :) Also I am super super excited for Conference! Everyday I testify to the good people of Brazil that we have a living prophet and so I am super excited to be able to watch and listen to what he has to say.

I love you all! Hope you all have a good week,
Sister Roberts
So there there is a member here who has a really nice house and last time we went there for lunch we felt like we entered the temple so when ever we have lunch there we joke about how we are going to the temple. So we got already to go to the lunch with our Temple recommends and all
I finally received letters and Packages! Woot Woot!
This morning I decided to climb our walls..I don't know why..I think I am deprived of rock climbing.

Monday, March 24, 2014


OH MY GOSH!!! Logan is going to ECUADOR!!! Woot Woot!! I am so excited. I watched the video of him opening up his mission Call and I may or may not have cried.. it fine. I am so excited. For reals that was the highlight of my week.

Mostly because this week my companion was sick, actually Sister Richardson and Sister Cordeiro were sick as well.. Basically they were all sick all week so none of us left the house this week. Super super depressing, especially because I feel like our area is so fragile and its really hard to keep investigators when we can't go visit them :( Hopefully everyone will be feeling better this week so we can go and work :)

However this week I got crafty again. We have an investigator who has a four year old daughter that got really really sick, and as a result she lost the ability to walk and lost all of her speech. I also believe that she has a hard time seeing and hearing as well. This makes it really difficult for her to come to church. But last week when we went and visited her I noticed that her daughter loves to touch things. She loves to feel different textures and ect. So I got this idea that I should make her a quiet book. But I thought to myself, I have no idea how to make one of those. I know how to sew but I don't know where we are going to find material or a sewing machine and even if I do find materials I don't know how to sew a book together. So I kinda just pushed the idea aside but through out the whole week the idea kept coming back, so finally I told Sister Richards what I wanted to do and we found a fabric store, and as we were at the fabric store looking for fabric my companion explained to the lady what we wanted to make, and she was so touched that she gave us fabric for free! And we found a member with a sewing machine! So we spent all of last P-day sewing and making this book for this little girl. Honestly it was a miracle, some how I knew what I was doing, and somehow we created this beautiful book.
Our Book we made and some of the pages

Also on Saturday night we had the ward talent show. Haha so funny. Definitely the best ward talent show that I've been too. Haha Brazilians are so funny. And last min the Bishop was like "Sister Roberts Sister Cordeiro I need your help. My wife and I want to be the Beetles but there are 4 Beetles and there are only two of us so you need to sing with us. and Sister Roberts you need to pretend that you are playing the drums okay?!"  Oh MY GOSH Funniest thing of my life! Seriously that was so funny. But yep Apparently I have the talent of playing the air drums.. thank you very much.

But for reals, God gave us talents, and I've learned that its so important that we use what ever we have to help build the kingdom of God, Whether its playing the hymn for sacrament meeting, or sewing a book for a little girl, its so important that we use our talents to help others.

love you all,
Sister Roberts
Super funny story.. So Sister Richards and I got back from a super long day of work right. We are like super exhausted and we sit down to plan for the next day when I look over at our window and I let out the loudest scream because a bloody baby doll leg is hanging in our window, and of course because I scream super loud so does Sister Richards and Oh my gosh...Thank you Sister Richardson for the prank..super funny.
 Super great picture of the missionaries in our zone

Monday, March 17, 2014


"HALLELUJAH!!! Can I get a AMEN!?!"  Yep that's right, Sister Richards and I got the wonderful opportunity to visit a different Church last night. Well more like I felt tricked into going to one of our Pesquisadore's church. So here is what happened Saturday night Our Pesquisadore was really really nervous to come visit our church like super nervous because in his faith visiting other churches is a SIN. But we talked him in to going. The whole time he was there though he looked so nervous and as Sacrament meeting ended he quickly got up and told "Be at my house at 7:00, We need to talk" And you know the optimistic sister missionaries we are, we are like "Yeah he is going to want to be baptized woot woot" um..No.

What happens is we get to his house and he is all dressed up nice and fancy and asks us to walk with him and talk with him. And my Portuguese isn't super great so I'm only kinda understanding the conversation but he starts listing off all of these rules and everything and I'm like where are we going what are we doing. We get to this Other Church and he brings some nice ladies over to us and tells us to Enter. I just look at Sister Richards and I'm like "Are we going to to this church?" And She just looks at me and is like "I guess so" And I'm like okay this will be good, its good to learn to about other religions right? I mean as a missionary we ask people to take a chance with us everyday so this will be good. We walk in and everyone just stares at us because of our name tags and because we are the only women wearing make-up, with hair that hasn't been cut, and legs that are shaved and ect..

There were probably about 300 people in the congregation and they made us sit in the very front row! (which actually was good because I didn't understand any of the pastors Portuguese but they had an interpreter for the deaf members in the congregation and I understood almost everything she was signing). Anyway this whole experience was interesting.. So interesting. Its interesting because our Pesquisadore was trying to convert us to his religion when really this experience strengthened my own testimony that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is Restored. And that the spirit testifies of Truth.

I respect other people and their beliefs. I think its awesome that other people want to worship God. But I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint has the Authority to act in Gods name. I am so grateful that we have a Prophet that leads us and guides us and that there doesn't have to any confusion to follow the will of God. So Grateful for this knowledge!!

♥ Sister Roberts
Last P-day we went to Walmart! It was fabulous!
We also went to Subway it was so American it was fabulous
Haha we wanted to copy the picture that Junior had sent me last week.. so funny
What a great Pillow
Sunsets in Sumaré

Monday, March 10, 2014


So this past weekend was Carnaval! FESTA FESTA! Actually we are missionaries so no festa but here in the Brazil the youth all the single adults all go to Youth camp. So it was really hard this week to try to find people to teach with us. But other than that Carnaval didn't really have an affect on us this week. Although while we were walking home at night my innocent eyes saw things that I wish they hadn't.. its fine.
I love Açai

So here in Sumaré My companion and I live with two other lovely Sisters. Sister Richardson and Sister Cordeiro. Sister Richardson is from Scotland and she rocks. Haha she is so funny. I love her! And Sister Cordeiro, Recife Brazil She is the funniest Brazilian that I have ever met.
 Sister Cordeiro is Crazy and insane But I love her
Sister Richardson and Sister Cordeiro Also live with us and I love them!

We have a such a good time together. But Unfortunatly as usual we all got really sick this week.. Yep that's right another visit to the Hospital!!! Woot Woot..Not.. I am so sick of hospitals its not even funny. Its so frustrating because we want to go out and work and baptize but instead we spend like the whole day at the hospital trying to figure out problems and then we spend the next day "recovering" Its awful and I hate it but whatever. We are all praying that this week we don't have any health problems so we don't have to visit the hospital.
After vistiting the hospital for what feels like the thousandth time Sister Richards and I went and got FroYo!

On the bright side, my Portuguese is getting so much better. I am feeling way more confident in my speaking ability even though I still don't speak very well. And I think we have found some solid people to teach so we are hoping that we will be able to commit a few people to baptism this week!

Things are looking up :)

Love, Sister Roberts

P.S. YAY Photos this week. Finally found a computer that could handle the uploading of pictures!!
The streets of Sumaré
The "Pretty" Part of my Area here in Sumaré

After a LOOONG Day of work
So We have this really long planning session that we have to do every week and its "Planajamento Semanal" So when we passed this on the street we though it was funny.
My old Companion gave me this Futebol Jersery. Its Awesome
We may or may not have gotten into a frosting fight..its fine.

Pictures below are from Piracicaba that wouldn't load earlier
My bedroom in Piracicaba
Our name tags
  Haha As I was packing all of my stuff to leave Piracicaba Sister Bispo and Sister Pamela found all my tampons and they started freaking out because in Brazil they don't have them. So I gave them some..So funny
 The Last dinner I had in Piracicaba with my favorite family. Love them!
Cool looking Church in Piracicaba.
 My zone made me a cake for my Birthday!
Our Broken sink in Piracicaba

Monday, March 3, 2014

De Novo??

First of All Shout out to my irmão Logan for getting into BYU!!! FESTA!!!!!!

I love Sumaré. The ward mission leader is awesome. He helps us out so much. Unfortunately we don't have any solid investigators that we are preparing for baptism (fun fact: 2 of my investigators got baptized this week in Piracicaba super exciting) which means that we have a lot of work to do. So Sister Richards and I were super pumped to start the week But for the first two days that we were here All of our lessons fell through! All of them! And we were feeling super discouraged and everything until the Assistants had called us and told us that we had a referral from the Campinas Mission. Right after we got off the phone the Bishop called and gave us a referral for the same person! So we were super excited. We went over to this guys house you know all pumped and everything but when we got there...well lets just say that we were not welcomed and the guy ended up calling the police...not exactly how we had pictured it but its fine.

Towards the end of the day Sis Richards wasn't feeling so hot. She was so sick so we had to stay in our casa on Friday. But on Saturday she was feeling worse so the Ward Mission leaders wife called and took us to the Hospital.. Yep I went to the Hospital De Nono! I think I have now officially been to the hospital more times these past couple of months than I have my entire life... its fine. My companion had to get some blood work done and unfortunately her body couldn't handle the IV So she started shaking uncontrollably and I'm sitting here freaking out thinking that my companion is about to die and I'm like "AJUDA Ela!!" So she got rushed to the emergency room which was super fun. Luckily everything turned out fine and all is well..but man I am so over hospitals.

Despite all of that this week was awesome. Because it was the first week since being in Brazil that I haven't felt lost or confused, frustrated, unhappy and all those other negative emotions that I have been feeling for the past 3 months Honestly being a missionary is Soooo HARD! It can be so emotionally and mentally draining. Not being able to communicate your thoughts and desires, not being able to understand the needs of the investigators. Constantly being with someone that doesn't know how to communicate with you. Its rough. So many times I have thought "Why am I here? Why Brazil? Why Portuguese?" But Heavenly Father knows exactly what and where we need to be. I love my companion. Haha I love that she is American and that we can help each other. Its great. Being a missionary is Hard, but at the same time its so incredibly awesome!
-Sister Roberts