Monday, April 27, 2015

Até ao proximo

Well to describe in one word these past 18 months I think I would choose..incrível.. 
That past by so fast. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity. This week was super cool. We had our last multizona, I gave my last testimony. I pretty much cried like everyday saying goodbyes.

This week in our district meeting out of no where Elder Antunes (from the seventy) walked in and noticed that we were all a little bit Sad. We told him we were a little upset because we haven't been baptizing as much as we wanted to. and BOM!! He gets in there and is like look lets open the scriptures so we opened up to Helaman 10 

 Blessed art thou, Nephi, for those things which thou hast done; for I have beheld how thou hast with unwearyingness declared the word, which I have given unto thee, unto this people. And thou hast not feared them, and hast not sought thine own life, but hast sought my will, and to keep my commandments.
 And now, because thou hast done this with such unwearyingness, behold, I will bless thee forever; and I will make thee mighty in word and in deed, in faith and in works; yea, even that all things shall be done unto thee according to thy word, for thou shalt not ask that which is contrary to my will.
 Gosh the spirit was so strong. That Guy is awesome.
But I know that the work that I have done here is pleasing to my Heavenly Father. I know that he is happy with me. I know that I gave my mission everything. EVERYTHING. I know that God lives and that he loves me. I know that all of us are his sons and daughters.He has so much in store for us!
I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to known my Savior. To have been His servant.

"When the day arrives for an honorable release as a full-time missionary, you will depart from a field of labor and return to your family-- but you will not cease being and becoming a missionary"
- Elder David A. Bednar

Thank you all so much for everything Love you all!
♥ Sister Roberts

Até ao Proximo!
My district with Elder Antune

Monday, April 20, 2015

até o fim

I can't believe that this is happening...My mission is ending. It hit me this week, that my time is ending as a full time missionary. It hit me at our branch activity Saturday night. The activity was a going away party for one of the members that is leaving on their mission this week. As we were listening to the final testimony of his parents I just started getting a little teary eyed... But I just feel so much love for the people here in Brazil. Its hard saying goodbye to people when you have no idea when you are going to see them again. I Love Brazil. I know that God knew exactly what he was doing when he sent me here. He knew exactly what I needed. I just feel so blessed and so humbled to know that My Savior had enough confidence in me that he sent to me here to represent Him. to do His work.

These past couple of weeks have been really hard, trying to get people to church, trying to get people baptized, trying to help build this small little branch..but this is hard. But I know that the Lord is helping us. He has never left us, He is pleased with the work that we are doing here.

We went and did divisions with the other Sisters this week. It was so motivating to go there and help them. Gosh our sisters are awesome. They are doing such a good work in there area and really helped us to have more faith and feel more motivated about our area. I Love them. But also I felt sad because this was the last time I will do divisions with them..haha well lets be honest its like the last time for everything. I can't really explain how I am feeling. I feel like I am feeling every emotion ever made to know to man. But I know that there isn't much more to learn  here, I need to do other things with my life to continue to grow and develop and be more like my Savior.
Its going to be all good!

Thank you so much for all of your letters and emails and prays and support. I love you all!

Sister Roberts

Monday, April 13, 2015


This week was full of miracles! Wow. 
So this week we were working alot with Naidir. She is a mother to one the recent converts here in Lago do Silério. And for the first time we were able to get her to come to church!! Woohoo. We are going to work really hard this week to try and set a baptismal date for this month. Hopefully everything will go okay. With the Lords help it always will. 

We have been working so hard. This week was the only week that my companion and I had to stay in our area, these next couple of weeks we are going to be doing a bunch of traveling, but it will be good. We got in a ton of lessons and we were blessed with a lot of miracles. 

I love the feeling you get when you get into the lesson and  you feel the spirit guiding you to know what to say and how to help these people. I honestly don't think that there is a better feeling than this. I am going to miss this. :(

Here is some pictures of my life,

Love you all, 
Have a good week :)
♥ Sister Roberts 

 Missão Brasil Piracicaba whatup

Do you want to eat some chicken feet?

This may be one of the most beautiful fruits I have ever seen..I forgot the name of it..awkward

 Its like a white kiwi

My companion loves me.. só happiness!!
Food from the hospital..yuck..also I don't know why I am doing a thumbs up..awkward
Aww..minha compan heirazinha getting ready for surgery 

Activity da Soc Soc..they all dressed up like pioneers
For the first time Gabriel and his entire family came to church
My companion and I are freaks and wanted to dress up like twins for conselho do liderança
Yeah that awkward moments we had to do a practice together like a couple that was living together but didn't want to keep the law of chastity.... :P
Watching conference in English!! Woohoo
Our Easter festa in between conference sessions
One of the elders family is living in japan and sent him hichews!!! you have no idea the alegria I felt.
 I'm calling you from the middle of no where
We are teaching a family and they make shoes for a living and they gave me a pair for Free!!! do i decided to use them as I made Juice!

Monday, April 6, 2015

General Conference

Guys, General Conference was soo good!!! 
Well okay lets be honest, that was the most Trunkiest General Conference that I have ever seen!! Holy cow,
Lets get married, Lets have a eternal family, Lets go to the Temple!!!! Don't break the law of chastity!
Well.....I was hoping for a little bit more on Missionary Work you know, cause I'm a missionary..but it was still really good.

I was so excited because we got 2 Families to watch conference with us!!! And it was perfect when our investigators  were listening to the prophet talk about temples and eternal families.. Gosh our investigators are awesome! The spirit was so strong when President Monson was talking..AHHH It was so Good.

I got to watch the sessions on Saturday in English and the Sunday afternoon session in English as well. I like watching in English, but I was kinda surprised about how much I liked watching in Português with our investigators..(although i did go back and watch Elder Holland give his talk in English..because lets be honest the emotion in his voice is just not the same with the Português translator)

This week was really good, we had some last min meeting that we had to go to in Piracicaba which were really good. We taught a lot of lessons this week and we got 5 investigators in church on Sunday!! The work is moving on here in Jaú

But this week, my testimony has really grown on the importance of families. I am so grateful for my family. For everything that they do for me. And to know that my family is eternal. That we can be together again after this life.

What are you doing to make your family eternal?

Watch this:

Love you all,
Have a good week!
Love, Sister Roberts

Monday, March 30, 2015

Broken Hearts

Well my heart broke a little bit this week. Actually it broke a lot. its like in a bijilion pieces. :( 
Long story short. Wellington did not get baptized. We went there talk to his mom, she was all cool about it you know she was like "yeah if Wellington wants to gets baptized he can get baptized", So we ask if we can invite the elders over to do an interview. "yeah sure whatever".

So Friday night we get there with the Elders,Oh my firework!!! Wellington wasn't there when we got there and so we waited for him to get home, and oh my gosh... She did not like that we were waiting. So she pretty much yelled the heck out at us and told us that he will never get Friday was hard. I cried. Guys missions are so hard. Wellington is so pure and so righteous and i know that God has so much love for him. 

But got to keep going, got to keep looking for the people that really want to Follow the path of Jesus Christ.

I am so grateful for my Savior Jesus Christ, I am so grateful for all that he gives me. I know that he knows how each of us is feeling. I know that he has a purpose for everything. Missions are hard, but I am so  sooo grateful for the opportunity I have to serve as a missionary. The relationship that I have developed with the Savior is priceless.. He Lives.

This Easter the Church is promoting this film, its about 3min and if you haven't watched it yet you should. It can help you strengthen your relationship with your Savior.

I love you all, Happy Easter and Happy General Conference :)

♥ Sister Roberts

Monday, March 23, 2015

"Suffer the Children..."

This week as really Good. My companion and I traveled a lot visiting our investigators in the other towns that surround Jaú but still make up part of our branch. Also we went and did a couple of divisions with some of the Sisters in São Manuel. It was super fun. I Love doing divisions. I got to go with Sister Moraes and Sister Almeida, they are both being trained and Holy Cow, they both have so much gas, haha it was kinda hard to keep up with them. But it was cool to be able to show them different técnicas and what not. It was cool. 

But because we went and did divisions with them we lost about 3 days in our area. Its hard to leave your area for that long especially because we just got back last week from Piracicaba, after my companion had surgery. (which she is doing fine by the way). But the Lord blessed us, because we found someone to be baptized!!! WOOOHOOO

Wellington, has 10 years, he is the grandchild of one of the members here in Jaú. He may just be the purest and nicest kid I have ever met. Wellington comes from a very humble home. Actually his house is more like a fort. Its got blankets and old wooden planks as walls and big tin slate as a roof. There are old rugs covering the dirt floors and they burn wood to keep the place warm.I don't think I have ever been in a more humble home than this one. But the grandparents that take care of him have a lot of faith!!! May they are beautiful people. Wellington is beautiful.

I have been so humbled this week with our experience with Wellington that all I think about is Christ saying "Suffer the Children to Come to Me" Christ loves the children. I do too. I am praying that this week his mom will give him permission to be baptize and if everything goes well We will have levou um mais alma a Cristo. :)

Love you all! 
Thanks for your support :)
Love, Sister Roberts

Monday, March 16, 2015


Well this will be super short ...but this week was good, we finally made it back from Piracicaba and my companion is up and running, and the Lord blessed us and had some investigators in church..

okay well that's it!

Love you all,
Sister Roberts

Monday, March 9, 2015

Piracicaba Flash Back!!!

Well this week was not normal. My companion and I came to Piracicaba Monday night be cause we had conselho da liderança on Tuesday. I was super excited because we would be staying in my first area over night, and I was hoping that I would get to see some of my recent converts and what not.

 But what happens, 2:00AM Tuesday morning my companion woke me up because she was feeling really really sick and she was feeling alot of pain and what not, and after listening to her all of her symptoms and what not I was like "Umm.. I think we need to call president." And you know its like 2:30am haha of course no body wants to call president at this hour.. But Finally I called him he gave us permission to go to the hospital. Luckily I still knew my way around Piracicaba so we got there with out a problem. But after doing hours of exams the doctor finally came up to us and was like "So you are going to have to stay over night and tomorrow you are going to have to have surgery because you have got a huge rock in your kidneys" ...great...

Yeah so that was a fun conversation explaining all that to president. Luckily the church building where the meeting was being help was just down the street from hospital, and I think President ran to come and see us because about 5 min after I got off the phone with him, he was there. haha I Love Presidente Canuto.

So I spent the last week sleeping in the hospital with my companion as she has been recovering from surgery. Actually it wasn't that bad. It was kinda fun. My companion and I got this huge room to our selves, the nice hospital ladies brought us food every 3 hours, Presidente let us watch disney movies (Yes Finally got to watch Frozen!!!), and the best part was President and Sister Canuto came and hung out with us for a couple of hours. :) Gosh they are my favoritest people ever. 

Also Yesterday I had a really cool experience. We got to go to stake conference here in Piracicaba, and it was really really powerful. The spirit was so strong and the best part was I got to see all of my recent converts. You have no idea how happy that made me. I got to see Fred, my first baptism, he is doing so good. He has a calling and everything and guess what!?! NEXT WEEK THEY ARE GONG TO THE TEMPLE!!!!!! you have no idea how happy that makes me to see your investigators become an eternal family :) I also got to see Eduardo, who is also preparing to go to the temple next month. And the Sisters that are serving here brought Cida, one of the contacts that I made here over a year ago to church and she is getting baptized next week. Honestly I am so grateful that Heavenly Father let me see some of the fruits of my labors here in Piracicaba. It feels so good to know that my work here was not in vain.

I love you all! I hope you all have a good week :)
Com Amor, 
Sister Roberts

Monday, March 2, 2015

Satan Slapin!!

This week was INCRÍVEL!! We did some major Satan Slapin this week!! WOOOHOOO!!

We started out our week praying that we would see miracles, and that we would be able to meet our goals. Oh My Gosh!! We saw so many miracles this week, and we exceeded the standard of excellence for all of the key indicators including lessons, referências and contacts! And we had so many new investigators at church this week. I'm full of gratitude. tô cheia de gratidão. We are working so hard trying so hard to help others come unto Christ. I can really feel the spirit testify to these people that Jesus is the Christ and that the Fullness of the Gospel has been restored. 

President told us that if we have the faith, and if we work hard we will be able to baptize every month. Bom, I had a baptism in December and January, but I still hadn't had one in February, this week my companion and I have been praying for a miracle that we would be able to have a baptism this Saturday. And Guess What?! We Did!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

On Saturday João Gabriel was baptized. He is 10 years old and a  younger brother of a recent convert, and the missionaries have been teaching him for a long time but he has never been baptized. So this week we had a really powerful and spiritual lesson about Jesus and how Jesus was baptized and how we need to be baptized, and We invited him and he accepted!!!! He is my little buddy (well actually he is meu pequeno gordinho) he is so receptive to the spirit. And he has such a strong testimony. I Love him :)
 Batismo de Gabriel!
 Gabriel and my favorite family ever!!!!! I love Love this Family! :)

I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve here. I love this area, I love my companion. I am so excited about the work that is going on here. Life is good. Love you all!!

♥ Sister Roberts
A really cool calender in Poços
 Last district meeting in Poços we ate cake :)
 Selma one of our investigators in Poços

Monday, February 23, 2015

Lago de Silvério

So yet again it took a year to get here, haha I had left Poços de Caldas Monday afternoon slept in São João da Boa Visita with the sisters there, and then traveled to Pircicaba and met everyone in the Bus Station. It was weird because I didn't know anyone!! Hhaha you know you are old on the mission when you don't know ANY of the missionaries at the Bus Station! But it was cool I took the opportunity and made some new friends and I hung out with Sister Sargent while she was waiting for her parents to pick her up (yeah that was probably the most trunkiest moment of my life seeing her parents pick her up..never again!). I met my new companion, Sister G. Carvalho. She is from the Southern Part of Brazil, Rio Grande do Sol! She is awesome..haha I love her already, oh my gosh I have laughed so much this week you have no idea!. So we slept in São Manuel with the Sisters there. 

So part of my new calling includes going on divisions with some sisters and helping them out with their difficulties. I had a really spiritual experience Tuesday night as we were talking with the Sisters in São Manuel. One of them just arrived here in the mission and was really struggling. She was sitting alone in her room, so I went in to go talk to her. Man she reminded me of me, my first transfer was so hard, you know, in a new place, new routine, new people, different county, different culture..its hard. We had such a good talk about the atonement. It feels good to help other people. And this experience helped me realize that with the Lords help we are capable of our Callings.

Finally Wednesday afternoon we got here in Jaú! So Jaú is a small city that has two branches. Yep this will be my first time in a Branch (the actual name of my branch and area is Lago de Silvério), and I'm not even in a stake haha I'm in a district, So the church here is really small but it is growing! I really like this area, its got so much potential. Its going to be fun watching this little branch grow.

This week we worked so hard!!!!! Oh my gosh it is so hot here and I am so tierd. We walked so much running to each appointment, but we invited a ton of people to be baptized. We had a lot of investigators at Church. Its good because all of this work is keeping from being trunky!!

okay, I love you all!!

Have a Good Week

Love, Sister Roberts

p.s. I will try to send out pictures next week. my card reader broke :(

Monday, February 16, 2015

Tchau Poços!

This week has just been weird. Thursday I said good bye to sister Pontes and Sister Forsyth, they are finishing their missions and went to hang out with president in Piracicaba for a few days. So Sister Emidio and I stayed here and we were running around all over the place. Oh my gosh I walked up and down so many hills this week because we had to go visit people in her area and we had to visit people in my area. So for the past few days we have been taking care of two areas and now I am just exhausted! Also we taught some really weird lessons this week...people here are crazy...:P

But Sunday something really cool happened, Thayna (you know the one that was baptized on Christmas) taught Gospel principles and she did a fabulous job!! She is amazing, also this week she told us that she is thinking about going on a mission. Also Cristinao is going to receive the priesthood next Sunday! It is so refreshing to see the people that you helped baptize continue to progress in the gospel. It makes me Happy :)

So today I found out that I am getting transferred. I kinda already knew. I am a little sad to leave Poços because I love this area, but at the same time I am excited to have a new area:) 

So the awkward thing is that I don't remember when I am going I think I am going to Jaú maybe... haha But this transfer I am going to be a Sister Training Leader....yeah didn't see that one coming... Which basically means that I get to go on a bunch of divisions helping other sisters out, and I get to go to leadership council...haha we will see how this goes.

I'm happy, loving life, praying that I will get to see a monkey today before I leave!

Love you all!

♥Sister Roberts

Monday, February 9, 2015

Hey can we leave you with a present?

So this week was mais ou menos. We tried working again on Tuesday but my toe was not healed all the way :( It got infected again and Sister Canuto me mandou para ficar em casa :( So we went back to the doctor Friday,

Well actually this is what happened, when we were there the first time we left us his number and he was all like, call me if it still doesn't get better, or if you are having any other problems. So we called him on Thursday, and he was all like "MALLORY" gosh its so weird to here my first name.."I was thinking about you today, how is your toe? How is my favorite American patient :D :D "...oh my gosh.. i think we was trying to hit on me. So I explain to him the situation and he is all like "okay come to my office tomorrow and we can take a look at it."

So we get there, get everything taken care of and as we are saying good bye I'm like "hey can we leave you with a present? And he gets all excited and he is like what kind of present. hahahaha

I hand him O livro de Mórmon..haha funny. He is all like "Oh I know people from your religion. I want to know more. Does this book have all that I need to be saved" 

Yes Doctor Walace, its got everything you need to know.

So that was a cool missionary experience, and hey if he gets baptized then all this time in casa wasn't in vão! 

But guess what today I am a FREE WOMAN!! All my toe problems and what not are taken care of and Sister Pontes and I are already to go.

This week we visited one our neighbors luciano, and had a really spiritual experience! And we marked a baptism with him for this month. Praying for him that everything will go well :)

Life is good,
I am happy
the church is true

Love you all!
Sister Roberts

Monday, February 2, 2015

Parabéns! Mas Você precisa uma pequena cirurgia

Aww thanks guys for all the Birthday Wishes, you all are awesome!
21 What up!

So this week was interesting...actually it was probably the most interesting week of my whole mission..goodness.

So here's what happened, about a month ago something super strange was happening with my foot. yeah so I go to the doctor and he is all like "é bicho no pé"... umm that's awkward, so I get that removed and taken care of then what happens these past couple of weeks its been super painful to walk and I'm thinking its just because of what happened with the whole bicho no pé situation so I go to the doctor and I'm like "look should this be happening?" And the Doctor is like "yeah that's normal, tudo vai da certo.." Yeah no that's wasn't normal. So as we are visiting one of the irmã she looks at my foot and is like "What is that" and I was like I don't know. haha dumb.. So she was like "I am going to take you to the doctor tomorrow and everything will be getting taken are of" So I was like cool..i love my life.

So Thursday we get to the Doctor and he is like you have an ingrown toenail... fabulous.. And he was like we can take care of this right now but you won't be able to walk for three days... fabulous. So it turns out that a month ago when the other doctor was messing with my foot he cut my toenail all weird and this happened. goodness I having so many wonderful experiences here in Brazil.
 So Thursday I had a pequena cirurgia got everything taken care of and basically spent the week end in our casa aka prison.

At first I was not excited about any of this you know I hate staying in casa when we have so much work to do. But this month I am trying to do the Nephi Challenge and not complain so I switched my attitude real quick and this week end was pretty tranquilo. 

We watched all of the church approved movies that ever been made, updated the Area Book, and I read 400 pages of the Old Testament...

Also My Companion and I played uno... haha fun fact, Sister Pontes and I only fight when we are playing Uno ;)

But I had a pretty good birthday, I spent some time with one of my favorite irmãzinhas and the Sisters Threw a pequeana FESTA for me. We ate pizza. It was Romeo and Juliet, my favorite (cheese and guava).

Also we saw milagres at church on Sunday. I was a little sad because we spent so much time in our house this week that we prob wouldn't have any investigators at Church on Sunday.. but guess what we had 3!!! Wooohooo!! 

God does bless us, even when we can't give it our all, he knows we are trying, and as long as we are doing out best he will make up the rest.

Love you all have a good week!
♥ Sister Roberts
 Me and Elder Woelki.  It was our Birthdays this week

Monday, January 26, 2015


Well this week was just fabulous We had multi zona which is always really fun, got to see all of my buddies, and I got the wonderful opportunity to play the piano..honestly I really don't like playing the piano in front of people, eu tenho vergonha, but it was good.
. Multi Zona.. I don't even know how this picture happened but all the missionaries were singing happy birthday to everyone that has a birthday this month
 Presidente Canuto!!!! I finally became a "Missionária de Excelência" Woohoo 

We learned alot of new techniques and we talked alot about our desires and actions it was motivating. I always leave multi zona feeling like there are so many things that I can do better. So this week Sister Pontes and I decided to put into practice what we learned and we worked our butts off inviting everyone to be baptized, infelizmente nobody excepted, but hey we are practicing our faith.
Batismo de Cristinao!!

We had an interesting experience this week. Cristiano, our recent convert invited other missionaries from another religion to come and talk to us...oh my gosh..we showed up at Cristianos house you know already to teach him and everything and then these other missionaries show up and they see the book of Mormon and they start asking all of these questions you know trying to bash our doctrine saying all of these things why our church isn't true and what not and my companion and I just sit there like "okay cool dude" And then he is all like "And women should not be teaching men about Christ" I just wanted to be like EXCUSE ME!? But we just let him talk you know waiting for our turn and finally when he was done I was all like "Sorry but we didn't come here to bible bash with you we came here to teach Cristinao, and we know that through the power of the Holy Ghost, though feelings of peace and love, and happiness we can know all things and quite frankly sir I don't feel any of these feelings with you" and then my companion was like "We are representative of Jesus Christ we have been called by him to preach to every creature the way of eternal life" Dude the Spirit was strong, and Cristiano was all like yeah Mórmons do have the truth.. The other missionary there didn't even know what to do..haha he was all like, okay, sorry, and then he left.. goodness. life of a missionary.

Honestly like I said before, I think all religions are good, I think it is so important that we show respect for one another, but I really don't have alot of patience for people that disrespect others..not cool.

But yeah we had a good week, trying to find people that want to go to church.

Nothing to exciting happened. But hey here is some pictures, love you all,
Sister Roberts
 So when people ask me what my first name is I'm like "Mallory" And they are all like "What thats too hard to say" and I'm like "no you know the brand of the Fan" And they are all like "" yeah sou eu!

Last Pday some members took my companion and I to some Japanese Gardens it was really cool.
 My favorite Family that we are teaching
 Mayka and Mauro aka best ward members ever.. love them!
Guys I love don't even know
Took a min to do some exercises...só que não
So we were feeling fancy and decided to go to the churrascaria!! Its like a buffet place where its all you can eat, but the best part is that the people walk around with these huge knifes with steak on them and come to your table and slice off the meat for you (I don't think I explained that very well..but oh well)! It was so good..and I ate way too much. I think I gained a couple of kilos but its fine..
So there is this American couple of Utah here in Poços De Caldas..they are teaching english, and they wanted to buy us ice cream :) they´re cool
 I saw a hourse..nay

Monday, January 19, 2015

Cristiano :)

This week was great.
We had alot of really cool things happen Lots of miracles, the first
BATISMO!!!! Wooohoooo!!
Cristiano was baptized Saturday! 
All day saturday I was freaking out, I was like "Is Cristiano really getting baptized today, or is this just a cruel joke?" and then his baptism was suppose to start at 6:00 but he didn't show up till 7:00 and so of course for that whole hour I was freaking out haha sometimes I forget that I am in Brazil and everything starts like an hour late. But that baptism was beautiful and his invited his family, and so now we have new investigators to teach, so I am really excited about that :)

Cristiano came up to us and was all like "so I have 2 hours everyday that I can go out and make visits with you" He is so excited about missionary work. He is really really great. We are going to try really hard to help him go on a mission here in the next year. I hope that everything will be in his favor so that he can go on a mission. 

I am so grateful for my mission, it has really changed my life, in ways that I didn't even know was possible. 

We met a lot of really great people this week with a lot of potential I'm praying that one of them will have the same desire that Cristiano has and will follow the example of our savior Jesus Christ and be baptized.

You all are great I love you all!!
Com muito Amor,
Sister Roberts 

Monday, January 12, 2015

pink eye

So this week I got sick..gosh I think that I am allergic to the sun..:P but its okay, after my companion and I suffered from Brazilian pink eye we are all ready to go out and work this week :)

Cristinao may just be one of the coolest people that I have ever met. This guys is awesome, yesterday during our lesson with him he was asking about what he needs to do, to be a missionary, and he is so excited to get baptized Saturday! He has already invited all of his friends and family to come to his baptism. Ahh I love him! We are going to try really hard to help him go on the mission. Haha I've already planned out all the little packages and what not that I am going to send him if he goes and serves the lord.

We are seeing so many miracles here. Gosh life is so funny,I remember 2 years ago I was so stressed out about the decision whether I should go on a mission or not, and here I am, this by far was the BEST decision that I have ever made. I can't express to you how happy I am, how much I have grown, and how much better my relationship with the Savior is.

I love you all, you guys are awesome, thanks for your support and prayers
Love, Sister Roberts

Monday, January 5, 2015

Feliz Ano Novo :)

Guys, I can't believe that its already 2015...dude.. I feel like this year is going to big! I'm excited!!
We had a pretty productive week Sister Pontes and I have been working our butts off trying to find people that want the gospel and after much prayer we found one! WOOHOOOOOO!!!
Cristiano! So about a month ago we were knocking doors and we made a contact with this guy named Cristiano, at the time he didn't seem like he was really interested or wanted anything, but last Sunday out of no where he showed up to church. He was all like "Yeah I don't really like my church and I'm trying to find God and my friend invited me to Church so here I am" OH MY GOSH!! MILAGRE OF MY LIFE (yeah okay I know that I use that phrase alot but guys you don't even know!)

We have been meeting with him almost every day this past week and he went to the batismo Saturday for the other sisters and he went to church yesterday and the fireside last night and HE IS GOING TO GET BAPTIZED in TWO WEEKS!!!!!!! WOOOOHOOOOO!!! basically this guy is chique 10!

I am so happy you have no idea. I feel so blessed..soooo blessed to be serving in a part of the world where there are people who are looking and searching for the truth, who are so open to hear the gospel. basically I love life...:)

Also this week I hit my year mark hear in the mission field so I decided to read some of my old journal entries from a year ago...oh my gosh..I am so happy that I never have to live my first transfer ever again. Its funny because a year ago I was so lost and confused and had no idea what was going on and now I speak Portuguese like a boss (okay well dá para entender) and I can just see a huge difference in the person that I was a year ago and the person that I am now. I hope that I can continue to change into the person that the Lord wants me to be.

I love you all I hope you all have the best new years ever!

Com Amor,
Sister Roberts