Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hanging With the Fam

These past two weeks have been incredible. Mostly cause I've gotten to hang out with the Family!! I love them. And this is only the third time that I've seen them in the past year!

My family is the greatest. I love them. And I love that we are an eternal family. I get to live with my family forever and nothing makes me happier. One of my favorite missionary quotes of all time is this,
               "Someone who leaves their family for two years, so that others can be with theirs for eternity"
 I hope and pray that while I'm on my mission I can help families become forever families. I don't think there is any greater knowledge than knowing that families are eternal.

So here are some highlights of what I've been up to these past couple of weeks.

For those of you that don't know I went to Minnesota for a couple of days to take care of some pre-mission stuff.

On Wednesday my mom and I ran around the metro area finishing my visa stuff. Luckily I have a Mom who is super on top of things and got most of the stuff done while I was out here in Provo. So all we had to do was go to the police station, get a couple of pictures taken, get everything notarized at the bank, drive up to St. Paul and get everything notarized again at the secretary of states office and then ship it off to Salt Lake.

Me at the Fed Ex ready to ship it off!

 Thursday was a little more special. I got to go through the temple for the first time! It was beautiful, special, sacred, and memorable. 

Here are some Pics!
Me In Front of the St. Paul Temple

 Me and My Beautiful Mama

I Love My Parents

Friday we drove back to Utah on our way we stopped at the Uinta National Forest and did some hiking.

We then spent a couple of days in Provo and while we were their we attended one of our family friend's farewell.
The people of Phoneix are so lucky to have this guy!

We then took a five day trip to Southern Utah. We stayed in this awesome cabin in Duck Creek Utah and we bonded like no other.

We went hiking, whitewater rafting, geo caching, built campfires, played games, made dutch oven, and had the time of our life.

 Hiked in Bryce Canyon

 Hiking with My Aunt and Brother

 Freaked Mom Out by Walking Out to the Edge of a Rock

Possibley My Dad's Favorite. You Can See Three States From Here!

I love my family (I feel like I can't say that enough). I'm so grateful for them and the opportunities we have to travel together. Some of my best memories have been when we've been road tripping it across the country. We're not perfect by any means (trust me if you were in our car for three days straight you could see how imperfect we are) but we're a family and I love them unconditionally.

♥ Mallory

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  1. So neat, Mallory, to see you going thru the temple and getting to spend time with your amazing family! So excited for you and hoping everything goes smoothly as you prepare to serve your mission!
    Carma Harman