Monday, September 2, 2013

Bye Provo, Its Been Good

I'm scrolling through facebook, here at the Denver Airport on my way home to Minnesota and it is so bittersweet. My news feed is full of "started my first day of class today" or "all packed up for college". Everyone is leaving for school and I'm leaving for home. I won't be going back to school for 2 years! Its hard to think about because by the time I get back most of my friends will be starting their senior year and will be focusing on graduation and starting a career. I am so excited to serve the people of Brazil. But its hard to watch my friends post  pictures and make statuses of how awesome college is. I had a great freshman year. Probably the best year of my life. The friends and relationships I've developed over the past year have been incredible. I've gotten so many opportunities to do so many different things. I am really going to miss it. But at the same time I am excited to go home. I'm excited to see my family and I've missed Minnesota. It will be so nice to not have to spend money on rent and groceries and hopefully I'll be able to get a Job so I can save some money. "To every thing there is a season, and a time" It will be good.

Still it was hard to say goodbye to Provo. On the way to airport I was flooded with memories of this past year.
 Summer Dances

Hiking Timpanogos

Brigham City Temple Open House

Imagine Dragons/Neon Trees Concert

Lots and Lots of Rock Climbing

Dates With This Guy

Camping in Zion National Park

Color Festival

and Nonstop YOlOing With My Best Friends

Ah Provo, you've been good to me. See ya in TWO!!!

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