Monday, January 13, 2014

So much Better

This week was so much better. SO much better. I think that sometimes the Lord takes everything away from you so that you have no where else to turn but him. The Savior and I have gotten to be really good friends this week. Its amazing how much he is willing to help you if you just turn to him and ask for it.
This week I was finally able to understand my companion and other Brazilians. When I work really hard and concentrate on what people are saying I can understand almost everything. Its awesome. Unfortunately my spoken Portuguese is still awful. Haha only my companion can understand me but its all good. Its getting better.
The Relief Society wants me to teach them how to make Chocolate cookies so my companion and I expirimetned. they werent too bad
But surprisingly the language hasn't been the hardest thing, its the culture. I really do not understand this culture at all. I don't understand why people do certain things or what okay to say or what's not. I think I offend people all the time and its hard because I don't want to be offensive I just don't know what's okay and what's okay not to say. Or what okay and whats okay not to do. For example here the members feed us lunch because that is the big meal in Brazil. My body is not used to having alot of food for lunch. Seriously they eat so much! They serve us these huge dishes. And we have to eat all of it! And we have to take seconds, if you don't take seconds its super rude and super offensive. The truth is I love the food! I just don't want more! Haha when everyone is praying and blessing the food I'm praying that I can eat everything that is on my plate!

We have a couple of investigators and we have two baptisms this week so we are pretty excited about that. I love teaching people. I love helping them realizing who they are and what their purpose is. Its so awesome to watch peoples lives change.

My new favorite thing is Caldo de Cana! It is so Good! Its a drink made from pure sugar cane! They press all the juice out of the sugar cane and its this awesome delicious drink..awe its so good.. and its super cheap. Haha its one of the few things that keeps me going on a hot day.

Caldo de Cana!

I am so excited that I get to send pictures this week Woot Woot!

I hope you all have an awesome week!

Love, Sister Roberts

Ps I'm just going to apologize now for my awful spelling. because I am using a Portuguese computer everything is underlined in red and I cant see what Ive spelt wrong so sorry ;)
A view of Sao Paulo from my window
My two favorite countries
Me with President and Sister Deng (presidents of the CTM)

My Provo companions at Christmas before I left for the Brazil CTM
Sister Keeler and I. my Provo MTC companion
My District at Christmas
The awesome new leather scripture case I bought my self for Christmas with the money you gave me.. its freaking awesome
We had a zone pday today and the Elders brought water balloons. We all got soaking wet!

Me in front of the San Paulo Brazil Temple

Me and my Mission President Canuto and his wife

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