Monday, August 11, 2014

O Dia do Senhor

This week was fabulous. This Sunday we had a total of 115 people in our Ward! WooHoo!! That is the most we have had since Sister Cordeiro and I started in this area 10 weeks ago. 
Also we saw so many miracles this week.

We have been working really hard with Cida and Valdir. I love them. They are awesome. We visited them almost everyday this week. We have been talking alot about Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy with them. So here's the story. Cida and Valdir own a restaurant. And they have never ever worked on Sunday before, but all of the sudden last week this guy was like "Hey you should open your restaurant on Sundays because I want to eat here with my company of about 30 people" So Valdir is all like yeah, that is a great opportunity I think I'll open in up on Sundays.. So what happens Sister Cordeiro and I are sitting there and we are like trying our best to teach about the Sabbath Day and testify and you know everything. And at the end of the lesson he was like. "I don't need blessings, I am going to open my restaurant on Sundays"...ugh..
I felt defeated. 

And then guess what. Sister Cordeiro and I walk into Sacrament meeting and guess who is sitting there all by him self? VALDIR!! HE Came to Church! and didn't open his restaurant!! He came up to us and was like, "I was wrong. I do need blessings" It was beautiful.

This week was fabulous. And I am so grateful that Valdir and Cida committed to keeping the Sabbath Day Holy.  

I know that when we do our best to remember our Lord and Savior on Sunday we can have his spirit with us through out the rest of the week. 

I Love you all!
Sister Roberts :D

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