Monday, August 18, 2014

Seu Potencial

This week was pretty good. We are continuing to work with Cida and Valdir. They are doing fabulous. We are trying really hard to mark a wedding date with them so that they can get baptized. Hopefully we will make some progress with that this week.

We are also working with alot of Less Active Members. In fact we had 20 lessons with less active members this week and we got 4 families to come to church this week! WooHooo!! It was fabulous.

We are working with one in particular, N. She was baptized when she was 9 but never went to church after. She is 18 years old and has 2 daughters. It is always a humbling experience when we teach her. She lives in a one room house with dirt floors and had only a mattress and a few other things. Its always a little heart aching when we teach her. She doesn't have work, she has two small kinds and an abusive boyfriend. Her life is hard. What is even harder is that she has no idea how much love she has from our Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ. 
I see so many people suffering. So many people who don't know where why they are here, or where they are going. There are so many people here who don't realize the potential they have as a son or daughter of God. It makes we so sad.

Life is hard. We all face different challenges, we all have different weaknesses but knowing that I am actually a daughter of God brings me so much happiness and so much peace. 
I know that each of us is a Child of God. I know that Our Heavenly Father loves each of us. Because he loves us he sent his Son Jesus Christ to die for us. 

I am so grateful for the knowledge that we have to know that we can one day be like him. I hope this week that each of us can remember who we are, and what we can become.

love you all!

Sister Roberts
That one time I ate bunny
Walking on a dirt road to one of our appointments.

Sister Cordeiro power washing out windows during our Saturday of Purification.

Hahaha This wonderful child just punched my companion in the face...haha After this lesson I decided that I never want to have kids

So this Irmã told me that I was really delicate and that I need to eat oranges with a fork..então

That one time when we tried chasing a dog out of the church
I know that you can't tell in this picture but I just walked up a big hill..its kinda a big deal..also I cut my hair

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