Monday, August 25, 2014

half way there :)

WOOHOO!! I hit the half way point this week!! 9 months down and 9 months to go! I can't believe that I am already half way done. I feel like the time is passing by so fast. As a celebration of my 9 half way mark a member invited us over for dinner and made pizzas and took pictures. Fabulous.

So this week good. We did alot of inefficient knocking on doors because we pretty much cut all of our investigators that weren't progressing this week. Its hard to cut people, especially when we developed a really good relationship with them. But we need to find people that will read the Book of Mormon, and Will go to church, and Will get baptized. We met some people with some potential so hopefully we will have really good lessons this week. 

Oh my gosh, we had quite the experience this Sunday during Sacrament meeting. One of our investigators has two little girls ages 4 and 2. These girls are crazy. So while the sacrament is being passed the 4 year old gets up and runs and stands up on the front bench and starts sticking her tongue out to the elderly couple on the first pew. And then she starts shouting to the whole congregation "cala a sua boca" or in english "shut your mouth" So what happens the bishop runs and tries to pick her up and calms her down and guess what she does, she punches the bishop in the face, and runs off and starts punching the dear old lady in the wheel chair. So what do I do I run up to the front and try to pick her up and she lifts up her dress and starts peeing on me! And all of this is happening while the cell phone of another investigator goes off and what does he do, he answers it and starts shouting into his cellphone in the middle of sacrament meeting, and the whole congregation is staring looking at him, looking at these crazy kids looking at me and my companion, and I'm sure they are all thinking "who are these crazy people that you brought to church?" 
Best sacrament meeting of my life..
Oh well, at least I had a good journal entry. 

Our stake had a good fireside this Sunday with President Canuto (our mission president) It was really good, I think it helped motivate members to share the gospel.

Are you sharing the gospel with your friends?

I love you all, have a great week!
Sister Roberts
"Vai la"

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  1. Keeping you in our prayers Irma Roberts! The church is true. Festa!