Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Last Hurrah!

You should all be jealous



Yep thats right ladies and gentleman two of my fabulous roomates, Shelby and Morgan, came to the great state of Minnesota. All three of us are under call to serve missions (Shelby's been called to serve in Brazil and Morgan to serve in Kansas) so we decided to have a last Hurrah before we leave.

We all flew into Minneapolis on Monday and it was basically a nonstop party all week!! I've been working and taking classes for the past couple of months and so we pretty much crammed "summer" into this week. Here is my brief pictured filled summary.

We drove up the the Mall of America. We went shopping, spent way too much on make-up (gosh Sephora why do you have to be so dang expensive??), got lunch at my one of my favorite restaurants Bubba Gump, and we may or may not have gone and looked at rings (calm down we're going on missions no one is getting married for at least 2 years)

  Obviously Shelby really enjoyed her sandwich.

In honor of our other roommate Krista who couldn't make it we parked in the Georgia lot.

After hanging out at the Mall of America we decided to be adventurous and drive up to Minneapolis. Alright confession time. I only live like 30min away from the big city but I only ever go up there for the hollidazzle parade, and high school graduation. Basically what I'm trying to say is that I had no idea where we going. but its fine because after aimlessly driving around we spotted the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden.

The Three of us in front of the Cherry and the Spoon

Morgan being as beautiful as ever

We went to the STATE FAIR!! I love the state fair. Those of you not from Minnesota have no idea how wonderful the state fair is.We went to the Lumber Jack show, got henna tattoos, ate a bunch of food thats really bad for you, saw a cow being born, and a bunch of other awesome stuff.

Went to the Lumber Jack show

Sitting inside the Luminarium. This may have been the sickest thing I've ever seen.

Shelby Singing at the Giant Sing Along

Look Morgans a Scarecrow!

This, right here, is a little piece of heaven. The state fair has the Best Cheese Curds. 

Thursday was more of our "chill day". We slept in till who knows when. But we went canoeing on my friends pond, went for a walk to the lake, and hung out around Lakeville.

Canoeing on the pond!

My brother works at our amusement park, Valleyfair, and he scored us some free tickets so we spent the whole day at the amusement park. We went to the water park and spent the first hour or so in the lazy river. Haha I'm so glad that I have friends who love to sit there and do nothing but float. It was fun we road roller coasters and screamed our heads off it was great.

My one and only picture of Valleyfair

After we were done riding roller coasters we decided to get food while we waited for my brother to be done with work. So we went to this Chinese place but by the time we got our food the place was closed so we put the seats down in my van and had a party in the back.

Eating take out in the back

My family loves to geo cache so naturally when friends come to visit thats what we do. We did a couple of caches and we found most of them. But we did do a small little hike up a hill and at the top it was beautiful.
Lets please excuse my ugly sweaty face. K thanks.

Afterwards we drove to Minnesota's biggest candy store, and Shelby was in heaven.

Shelby found her happiness

We ended the night with dinner at Olive Garden with the Parents. It was delightful.

We went to church and taught Primary! We had four little boys in our class and you would think that with the three of us we would have been able to have a nice peaceful lesson.. that was a funny joke. It actually wasn't too bad, and our lesson consisted mostly of playing hangman. They loved it.

That night we had our last and final crepe night. Crepe night is kinda a tradition we do in our apartment. We make a big bowl of batter and the three of us crowd around the stove, each of us getting a burner, and we make crepes.. its great!


We drove Morgan to the airport and she flew back to Salt Lake afterwards Shelby and I decided to drive up to the Science Museum of Minnesota up in St. Paul. It was great because I took my little brother and his friend and because it was labor day they got in free!

Tested blood types in the Cell Lab.
(nice photo bomb Clayton)

Shelby created a Tornado

We built this awesome contraption.

I decided to practice my air bending

We had way too much fun at the science museum. They have alot of really cook things there If you haven't been I totally encourage you to go!

Was our last day together. So what did we do Sleep in! I think we slept in till like 12:30. We spent most of the day relaxing. We didn't do anything too crazy just drive around Lakeville we went our to lunch and got Cold Stone and we spent most of the day talking about life. We did end up going to Perkins at 1:00am though.

They gave me such a huge plate for such a small sandwich.. it was depressing.

And then it was time for Shelby to go home too.

We had the greatest time together, not just this past week but this past year that we've lived together. These girls are amazing! They inspire me. It was bittersweet saying goodbye to them. I was sad to see them leave, but we are all moving on to bigger and better things. They are going to make great missionaries! 

I Love you guys! 

Till We Meet Again!

♥ Mallory

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