Sunday, September 22, 2013

His Timing

One of the biggest lessons that I've learned so far, is that I'm on Gods, timeline not mine.

I like to feel that I'm in control of my life. When I had finally decided that I was going on a mission I had it all planned out that I was going to finish and submit my papers with in two weeks and then I would receive my call two weeks after that with the hopes that I would leave in early September.

Obviously that didn't happen.

From the time that I had decided to go on a mission to the moment I submitted my papers, a little over two months had past.

I've been waiting to leave for Brazil for almost three months and I still have two more months to go.

Waiting is hard.

This past few weeks have been rough.
I don't have a job, I don't have friends, I basically sit around and do nothing. Satan has done an excellent job at making me feel worthless.

I have always had a pretty good self esteem. I've always felt important. I have NEVER struggled with any of that. But lately I've just felt useless, and insignificant.

But as my Primary kids often remind me, I am not that at all. Because I am a Child of God 

I'm not worthless. And obviously as seen from the picture above I'm cute and adorable. But more importantly I have a Purpose.

And so I've tried to keep my self busy, I've been working on craft projects, trying to learn Portuguese, running errands with my mom, preparing for the mission ect.

I don't know why it took me so long to do my papers when others finished theirs in 10 days. I don't know why I'm leaving in November when many others who got their call after me have already left.

But I do know that God has a plan for me. And I feel like I am constantly reminded that His plan for me is so much better than my own. I know that there is a reason why I'm not leaving till November, I'm not sure what it is but I have faith that God knows exactly what he is doing.

I have faith in Him, and Faith in Him, also includes Faith in His timing.

- Mallory ♥

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