Monday, February 10, 2014

Go Fish

The only thing worse than being sick is having a sick companion. Yes Mom, we visited the Hospital yet again. This time though it wasn't for me. My companion has some kind of blood infection in her leg or something and she is in so much pain. Gosh I feel so bad for her, we have been to the hospital three different times this week and because walking is extremely painful for her we have been stuck inside our house for the entire week. She pretty much spends the day sleeping off the pain and I try to keep myself busy. I've studied so much Portuguese. Hopefully my grammar is a little bit better because that is basically all that I have been doing. But finally on Friday I was so sick of my grammar books and everything else that I decided to get creative. So I made "Go Fish" cards out of old Liahona pictures we had lying around. Haha my companion loves "Go Fish" she thinks its the greatest game. Basically this week consisted of studying Portuguese and playing "Go Fish". Hoping she feels better this week so we can go out and work :)
love you all
Sister Roberts

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  1. Love you Sister Roberts! Keeping you, your companion and the beautiful Brazilian people in our prayers.