Monday, February 17, 2014

Its 6:00 not 7:00

We have two new sisters living with us for this transfer. Sister Bispo and Sister Marins. They are the sister training leaders for our part of the mission and they rock. Also the speak English so they help me a lot with my Portuguese and explaining things to me. But basically its been a non stop party this week with 4 sisters in one house. Unfortunately we only have one bathroom so you can see the obvious challenges that come from that, and our beds barely fit in our tiny little bedroom, but its been a blast.

Our kitchen sink also had a little accident. So I'm sitting at my desk reading my scriptures like a good little missionary when all of the sudden I hear this huge crash and my companion screaming in the kitchen. Naturally I run in to the kitchen to see what the problem was, and as my companion was cleaning our water jug our sink caved in and broke. My companion was soaked with water from the sink and the water jug and I just stood there and laughed haha I thought it was so funny.

On another note, We DID NOT visit the hospital this week! Woot Woot. We worked super hard this! We have 5 investigators that are waiting for baptism! 2 will be baptised by the end of this month 1 will be baptised after he marries his girlfriend in the Beginning of April and 2 14year old girls will be baptised in the beginning of may after they attended church of 3 months (the rule is here that if we have an investigator under the age of 15 they have to frequently be attending church for 3 months before they can be baptised) I'm super excited but at the same time I'm kinda sad because I'm sure I will probably be transferred before 3 of our investigators can be baptised. But its all good.

We had a very terrible thing happen. Our alarms went off at 6:30 Sunday morning like normal we were getting ready to go to church and we were about to leave at 7:00 when the Irmã that we live with came in and told us that it was only 6:00 in the morning!!!! Apparently it was the Brazil daylight saving time or something and we gained an extra hour. I was so mad! I could have gotten an extra hour of sleep!!!!!!...its fine..I'm over it.

In General we had a pretty good week. I'm hoping that this week is just as good!

-Love Sister Roberts
Having problems uploading my pictures.  Hopefully next week it will work.

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