Monday, February 24, 2014

Broken Hearts

This week..gahh..I dont even know what to say its been crazy. For reals I wake up like everyday thinking how I know how exactly today is going to turn out and every night before I go to sleep I think about how so many unexpected things happened today.

For example I broke a 46 year old mans heart this week.... OH MY GOSH!!! CRAZY... just Crazy! So Marcos has been our investigator for the past month or so and he finally decided that he wanted to be baptized. So you know we were super pumped of course. The next day we get a phone call from his friend Cida who is like 60years old and also a former investigator telling us that she wants to talk with us. So were excited of course cause we think "Oh maybe she wants to be baptized too" We go over to her house and she is like "Sister Roberts come sit next to me, We need to talk" and I'm like um okay. She starts asking me about Marcos and my feelings about Marcos.
"Sister Roberts Você gosta Marcos"
"Yes I like marcos"
"Você Ama Marcos" 
"Um I love him as an investigator"
The conversation continued like this for a while and finally she was like 
"If marcos ask you to marry him will you say Yes?"  

OH MY GOSH!!! My companion just looked at me and was trying so hard to laugh and I was just sat there and was like: 
"Cida Eu Tenho o NAMORADO!"
"But your boyfriend is in Argentina and you are in Brazil so you can marry marcos now and when you go back to the United States you can marry your boyfriend!
"No Cida I'm a missionary right now I cant marry Marcos"
"But you want to marry someone in your church right?"
"Yes Cida I want to marry someone in my Church"
"Marcos will get baptized so you can marry him"
"No Cida Missionaries cant get married while they are on their missions"
"But you dont have to be a missionary right now if you dont want to"
"Cida Marcos is 46 years old!! He is older than my parents!!!!!"
"That's not a problem"

And of course right in the middle of the conversation Marcos walked in and my companion turned white and quickly explained to me that in Brazil if a man asks you to marry him and you say no really really bad things can happen.

And I'm just like crap. They didn''t teach me how to deal with these kinds of situations in the MTC.

So I said a silent prayer and immediately the words that I need to say to get myself out of this situation came to me. 

Prayer works.

Fortunately I am never going to see marcos again. Unfortunately I am never going to see anyone in Piracicaba 4 again.

Yep I am no longer in Piracicaba I'm in Sumaré, with a new companion Sister Richards.

Last Night at 11:00pm the assistants called us telling me that there was an Emergency Transfer (I didnt get Emergency Transferred because of Marcos or anything that I did some other sisters were having problems and needed to be separated) and that I was to leave for Sumaré at 10:00 this morning.

So I stayed up till like 1:00 this morning packing all of my stuff...not fun.

I was so sad to leave Piracicaba because we had 2 baptisms this Saturday, and I loved my companion. But after traveling all day and being in Sumaré for the past couple of hours I have already fallen in love with the people here. They are awesome and I am so excited to work in this area.

Being a missionary is crazy, but at the same time its so awesome!
Love you all!!
-Sister Roberts

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