Monday, April 14, 2014

Dengue Fever

I'm not going to lie, this week was awful. On Tuesday my fever spiked up to 103.8 for the third time so it was decided that I needed to go to the hospital again to try to figure out what was causing such a high fever. After a couple of super sketchy blood tests it was determined that I have Dengue Fever..Not cool. I've been in bed almost all week. My back has never been in so much pain in my entire life. I hit a really low point this week as well. I was sitting in the hospital feeling super sick, and super empty, not understanding what the medical people were telling me and I was so stressed and I was so not happy, and I sat there and I was like "I Just want to go home, I just want to be happy again." And then I realized that sitting on a plane for 12 hours back to the good old USA thinking about how I wasn't able to finish my mission would not make me happy. As medicine was getting drained into my system  I thought about all of my converts and Investigators and how much happiness they have brought into my life. I LOVE them. I LOVE Brazil. Yeah having dengue has not been fun, but If I have to suffer for a couple of days so that I can continue to teach these people, then so be it.

 We had multi Zone conference this week. It was kinda funny actually because I just sat in the back with my companion and slept on the pew for almost the whole meeting. But  we got to hear the testimonies of all the new Americans. Sitting there listening to them speak in broken Portuguese reminded me of how far I've come with the language and becoming a missionary. There is still so much I need to learn but when I look back to where I was 4 months ago I've realized how far I've come. I am so grateful that I get the opportunity to be here in Brazil, learning Portuguese and helping others come unto Christ. I am so grateful for my own testimony in my Lord and Savior. I know that he is always here with us, ready to help.
My zone, with President and his wife
And I am grateful for this Easter Season we have to celebrate the life of our Living Savior. He has done so much for me, and I am so grateful that I have this time that I can serve him.
Com Amor,
Sister Roberts

 Sister Pagone had Twizzlers and I almost died, I was so excited
Got to See Sister Serre at Multi Zona

 And my old companion Sister Pâmela


  1. I got Dengue fever too! It was the worst. I woke up one night and honestly thought I was going to die.

  2. Love you, Sister Roberts! Keeping you, your health, & Brazil in our daily prayers.