Monday, April 28, 2014

"Milagre" Miracle

This week was B-E-A-U-TIFUL!! First of all the weather has finally started to cool down. I actually sleep with a blanket now and wear sweatpants around the house (you have no idea how much I have missed my sweatpants). But the best thing about this week, was that it was full of Tender Mercies.
We have been having difficulties trying to find people that want to hear our message. After a long day we started to head back home and just as we were getting to our street we passed a woman with a 2 month old Baby, we passed by saying "Boa Noite" (have a good night) after walking another 30 feet I felt like we needed to go back and talk to her. I told my companion,
"I think we need to contact her"
"You want to go back and talk to her"
"Yeah why not she needs the gospel"
So we went back and it was kinda awkward and I was like hey we have an invitation for you, and we invited her to come to church and take the lessons, and It turned out that she had just moved and had only been in Sumaré for 2 days and didn`t know anybody and was looking for friends and was interested in finding a Church to go to. I was so excited. SO EXCITED. We are going to go back to her house this week and I have a lot of faith that things are going to go well.

We also had divisions this week with the Sister Training Leaders. I don't know if I told you this but My Old Companion Sister Pâmela was made a sister Training leader so I got to go on a division with her. It was awesome. Actually lets be honest it was full of miracles. First miracle, I understood everything that she was saying and she understood everything that I was saying. Second miracle, we were suppose to have a baptismal interview with one of our investigators and with our leaders, but when we had arrived at his house to have the interview he wasn't home. I was feeling kinda discouraged because I knew that this interview was important. So the elders left and because I didn't have a Plan B I wasn`t sure what do do for the next hour or so, But I felt like we need to go Visit one of our investigators. It was weird cause I was like "um we have an investigator that lives down this street I think we should do visit her" so it was starting to get dark and as we are walking down the street this man on a motorcycle starts driving right next to us and Ï`m like um excuse me creepy man what do you want? Yeah when the creepy man took off his helmet it turned out he was out investigator that we were suppose to have the interview with. I was so excited we called the Elders and we had the interview!! It was great!

So Sad news, Fabio, our investigator from English class doesn`t live in our area..I was so sad,..So we had to teach a joint lesson with the elders yesterday and pass him over to the Elders. I think Fabio was sad too. But its all good, the truth is I really don`t care who teaches him, I just want him to get baptized.

Also Other Sad news, we have transfers this week. I am staying here in Sumaré but my companion Sister Richards is going to Piracicaba. I`m kinda sad because I love Sister Richards but I`m kinda excited too because My new companion (ooops forgot her name) is from Argentina and doesn`t speak very much English, so I`m excited because I think I will pick up Portuguese a lot faster and I will be able to speak it better after this transfer. Although this week my Portuguese was a lot better!Wooohooo!!
Alright love you all,
Sister Roberts

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