Monday, July 14, 2014

Eu falo Português..What up!

So this week was stressful. But its good I am learning alot about Charity and Patience so that's good. We had Multi Zona this week which was fabulous. President gave a really good trainamento. And good news I understood every single world he said! It was beautiful. At the beginning of this transfer I decided to pack away everything English and I set good goals so that I could feel more independent with Portuguese. This transfer I have been only reading from O Livro de Mórmon and I've read almost all of the General Conference talks in Portuguese. I understand everything that people are telling me. Its beautiful. I like Portuguese. 

This week a miracle happened. Cida wants to get married and get baptized. We had a couple of really good lessons with her and her family this week. But on Sunday the relief Society lesson was on baptism and all because almost all of the sisters in the Ward are converts of 10 or so years they all bore their testimony about how getting baptised and going to the temple was the best decision that they've made. I think Cida was really touched by it because when it was time to leave she just sat in her chair and didn't say anything and started to tear up. She wants to get married and she wants to get baptised. But he problem is that her husband doesn't want to get married...its difficult. 

But we are hoping that our lessons this week will help Valdir have a desire to be baptized.

Also this week was Sister Cordeiro's birthday..we had festa

hope all is well

com amor,
Sister Roberts

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