Monday, July 21, 2014

Fire in the Bathroom!!

So I come home after a long day of walking and knocking doors you know feeling completely exhausted. And as I am taking a shower I start to notice that something is burning, I think to myself, "Oh Sister Cordeiro is prob making popcorn (haha because she always burns the popcorn)" and all of the sudden my shower head starts to spark and I look up and I see that my shower head as caught on fire..I didn't even think that was that was a fun adventure..

This week was full of alot of highs and a lot of lows. We started off the week really good. We taught alot of really good lessons and we committed so many people to come to Church this week. And then Cida had a baptismal interview this, And she wants to be baptized!! WOOhoo. Unfortunately her husband doesn't want to marry her so I'm not quite sure when that will happen. Also two of our other investigators had interviews this week and have a date marked for this Saturday. So we were pretty excited about all of that. 

But then on Sunday nobody came to church. We didn't have one investigator at church and normally we have 3 or sad. And then Cida called and said that her husband doesn't want us to come over anymore.. :(

We have been working really hard with some of the Less Active members here. Lucky we got 2 of the them to come to Church again this week so that was super exciting :)

Transfers were this week and I will staying her in São Carlos with Sister Cordeiro for another transfer. I love São Carlos so I'm happy.

Love you all,
Sister Roberts

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