Tuesday, July 29, 2014


So this week it rained and rained, and then rained some more. My shoes are still soaking wet. its ridiculous. Also last night it was so cold.. I was like "What the Heck Brasil? You get cold?" Our house is especially cold because its made out of cement and its half way underground. Our house is freezing. So last night I unpacked all my "winter" clothes that I've never used and I slept in a long sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt with leggings and yoga pants with 4 blankets and I was still cold. But its cool after this week its suppose to warm up again so I'm excited for that.

This week we are working alot with Less active members. Actually this week we visited almost twice as many less active members than investigators. But it was good because this Sunday we got 4 less active families to church!! WOOHOO!! and we also had 4 investigators at church. It was exciting. I also I got the wonderful opportunity to play the piano in sacrament meeting. So I really like playing the piano but I hate playing in front of people. I get so nervous and my fingers start to shake and I always mess up but I actually played all the hymns well and as a result the primary president asked if I would play in primary...yay.

Also this week the Ward had a cake contest.. kinda like chili cook-off we always have. We decided to make a cake and we Won most creative...haha I think we only won because our Cida and Valdir our investigators were the judges ;)
​We won most creative!! Whats up!

​Our beautiful cake...note* I did not make the "heart" on the left..that was Sister Cordeiro... ;)

This week was good. We talked to alot of good people with a lot of potential. I love this work. The future looks bright for São Carlos!

Love you all,
Sister Roberts

p.s. I am still wearing my leggings under my skirt..hehe and nobody knows...;)
​So I met this Elder in the CTM 8 months ago and he would always try to speak to me and I was like "Eu não falo Português!!" but when I saw him for the first time here in the field he was like "What Sister Roberts, You speak Portuguese!?!?! Que isso?!" It was funny

My long lost Companion SIster Keeler..I love this woman.. enough said.
"Sempre Fala bem sobre Wilson" -Sister Cordeiro
​Sister Cordeiro with her birthday cake..haha she made it herself...It was good

​I made good food for our neighbor Silvia...She said that I would marry well..haha
his is one of our favorite members she is from the North and made us cozcoz..it was really good

​"Vamos ensinar as as árvores

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