Monday, September 22, 2014

Batismo woohoo!

This week was just fabulous. Daniel got baptised this Saturday at it was just beautiful. I've only known him for like 2 weeks but I have learned so much from him. He is such a great example of Faith and love and charity. And all he wants to do is follow Christ, so that he can return to live with God again. I feel so humbled to have met him and showed him the path that leads to God.

I'm really Happy :)
Daniel :)
So Happy
This guy is awesome

This week we felt inspired to bring Daniel to some of our lessons...Well I don't know if inspired is the right word to use more like we were super short on time and needed to teach Daniel and another investigator so we decided to bring Daniel with us to another investigators house to teach them at the same time. BEST IDEA EVER. Daniel is sitting there and is all like "Yeah I am so excited to be baptized! Batismo is awesome" And Our other investigator was like "Really okay cool yeah I want to see your baptism maybe I need to get baptized too" haha Daniel he is our little missionary. He is great.

Also this week President Canuto came and gave a talk in Sacrament meeting..That man is such a boss. He started his talk by quoting all the scriptures that are in the bible that talk about the restoration. About how important it is that we need and understand the bible and then he was all like I can show you everywhere in the bible that proves that our religion is really the church of Jesus Christ. But you will never know if this church is right unless if you humble yourself and Pray and ask God. It was such a good talk. I love President.

I hope your week was as good as mine.
I love you all!
Sister Roberts
I bought a hammock and its pretty sick :)
Sister Bastos and I at our Mission tour

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