Monday, September 15, 2014


This week we had a truly humbling experience.

For the past couple of weeks I have been fervently praying that we could find someone to be baptized. Its been almost 3 transfers since I've had a baptism, and you know its hard when you are working harder that ever to find someone that whats to follow Jesus Christ. But Last Sunday my companion and I are sitting in church, and I'm doing you know the normal scan of the congregation looking around to see who came to church, who didn't, looking for people that I don't recognize. And I saw this Man sitting in the very front row, sitting alone. After the meeting I went up to talk to him, asking his name where he is from and finally I asked him if we could meet with him and talk more about the Gospel.

So what happens, we meet with him the following Thursday night and it turns out that he came to Church alone. Some friend awhile back invited him to come to church and today as he passed by the building he felt like he needed walk in and check it out. 

So my companion and I start teaching the restoration and honestly the lesson was not super good...ugh..but I felt impressed to invite him to be baptized. And he said YES!!! he said "I want to be mormon"  "I want to feel clean of my sins" "I want to Follow Jesus Christ" He asked us if he could share his testimony with us. He is the most humble man that I have ever met. And I am so excited that he has accepted the invitation of the Savior to be baptized this Saturday.

This week was just beautiful. I feel so humbled to be serving the Lord here in Brazil. I know that we are really representatives of Jesus Christ. When I think about the responsibility that comes with this calling I feel so inadequate. Sometimes I think about how can someone like me, who makes so many mistakes, and has little knowledge of Gospel of Jesus Christ could possibly represent the Savior. But with his help we are doing his work.

I love you all,
Sister Roberts

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