Monday, September 8, 2014

Happy Transfers

Happy Transfers and may the odds be ever in your favor!

This transfer was fabulous, My new companion is Sister Bastos shes from Manaus Brasil! Actually she isn't really from manaus she lives off the river in the Amazons but the nearest city is Manaus. She has 5 months on the mission and she is just fabulous. I love her. I think we are going to have a good transfer together. 

We worked our butts off this week. And it paid off because this weeks we saw miracles. 
So I was looking through the area book of people that we could visit, and I felt impress to call one of the investigators that Sister Cordeiro and I dropped, Neval. He hadn't been coming to church for the last 3 months and hadn't been keeping any other commitments and what not. But his week I called him and he was all like "American! Come to my house I want to talk to you!" So we went there and guess what, he had been reading the Book of Mormon ever day since we dropped him and he is in Alma 22! Who does that? He talked about how its hard for him to go to bed with out reading the Book of Mormon and how he just feels good and peaceful everytime he reads. So now we are focusing on getting him to church and helping him stop with café (I can't remember that word in english).

We also marked a baptism with Natalia one of our investigators, sol coisa, she needs to get married so we will see how that goes.

But the highlight of this week was Elias, he is a less active member and didn't seem like he had really any intrest in returning to church, After visiting him and his family Saturday night, he promised me he would come to church, and I promised him that at church he would feel the desire to know Jesus Christ and God and follow all of his commandments. So what happens, during testimony meeting I look over at him and I see a few tears running down his face, and I'm like what? And after a few minutes he starts to bawling and he gets up with 5 min left of Sacrament meeting and shares his testimony. It was a beautiful testimony.

It was so refreshing, because I've been feeling a little down because we haven't been able to get a baptism for the past couple of months but it was just a reminder to me that I'm not here to baptise. My purpose is to bring others to Christ.

I love this work, 

Sister Roberts

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