Monday, October 20, 2014


Yeah so after a three day trek I finally made it here to Poços de Caldas. So Monday night was kinda emotional we had our last family home evening with Cida and Valdir. We gave a super powerful message about Jesus Christ and His atonement. It was super spiritual and then we all said goodbyes. It was hard. But I can see how far Cida and Valdir have come and it helps me remember that my work in São Carlos wasn't in vain. 

 Last sunset 
São Carlos 

 I'm going to miss these girls

So Tuesday morning I left São Carlos 6:30am and arrived in Piracicaba 9:00 I then took a bus to Leme were I spent the night with 7 other Sisters. (can you say FESTA).  Wednesday morning I left Leme at 8:00 and took a bus to Pissanuga, where it was really hot and where the wheels on my luggage melted (that was just fabulous) after dragging my suitcases across the city I took another bus to São João Boa Vista where I spent the night again with 5 other Sisters  (FESTA de novo)

Açai with the Sister Richardson and Sister Rodriguez in São João Boa Vista 

 and after attending our Zone meeting Thursday and another bus ride I finally arrived here in Poços de Caldas. Oh My GOSH!!! This is by far the most beautiful city on the mission. There are mountains and waterfalls and rivers and it is just beautiful. And the People here are super humble. I LOVE IT!!

My new companion is Sister Davis, She is from Portland Oregon, She has about three months here in Brazil, but she will be ending her mission here in February. I live with Sister Sargent and Sister Padilla, who are both Americans and will also be ending their missions here in February as well. Basically its a non stop festa in our house.

But honestly I'm so tired. Our area it just hills and really these hills are more like mountains..Ive been pretty much hiking mountains all week trying to preach the gospel. After traveling for three days and festa-ing this entire week and hiking all day I am exhausted. But we are already having success.

Day 1 of Poços de Caldas..I haven't died yet of all the hills

We had a super spiritual experience yesterday with one of our investigators, Erika, we taught her the restoration and invited her to be baptized. We marked a baptism for the 1st of November I'm praying that everything will work out so that she can be baptized. I love her. I love my companion, and I love my area!

Love you all!
Have a great week!
Love Sister Roberts :)
 Sister Bastos and I
We found a park
 Me and irmã Rosali

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