Monday, October 13, 2014


So this week was just fabulous. I'm teaching english to Marcos. This guy is so ready to get baptized its not even funny. He has only been studying english with me for the past 2 weeks and wow he speaks really good. We were having a conversation in English and he was like. "How do I know if I've been saved?" "How can I live with my family again?" and then he was all like "hey I think I need to be baptized" so we are working with him towards baptism :) 

Cida was getting a little stress about her wedding haha she was all like "I have no idea how to plan a wedding" and I was all like "Oh please have you seen my pinterest boards?" So Sister Bastos and I used our talents of pinning, and what not to help cida finalize some things for her wedding. I am so excited for them..Ahh!! They will be getting married the beginning of November when all of their documents and what not are in order. :)

Unfortunately I will not be there at their wedding because I'm being transferred :( The truth is that I knew I was going to be transferred two weeks ago. You know when you get that feeling that you are going to be transferred, and you just know that you are going to leave your area yeah I've been having that feeling for that past couple of weeks. Its kinda bitter sweet because I feel like I have worked so hard here in São Carlos, we have so many people ready to be baptized here, but at they same time I'm excited to have a new area. 

I'm being transferred to Pocos de Caldas it is one of the farthest areas from the mission home and its on the border of the other mission. Sister Davis is my new companion. She is from Oregon..i think..haha I don't really know, She has more time on the mission than I do, but because of Visa Problems She just got here in Brazil a few months ago. I'm excited to meet new people and have new experiences.

♫All is well...♫

Have a good week!
Love, Sister Roberts

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