Monday, October 6, 2014

Conferenci​a Geral

This week was fabulous we taught alot of lessons and honestly I am just tired. We walked so much this week and now my shoes are starting to get holes. I think I am going to have to do some kind of shoe surgery because these shoes have got to last me 7 more months.

Our focus this week was Cida and Valdir, we are really trying to get everything in order to help them mark a wedding date. We are having a few problems with some of their documents so its making things difficult to get them legally married but hopefully this week we will figure everything out. I'm a little sad because I don't think that I will be here to see them get married or see them get baptized. We have transfers next week and I'm thinking that since I have been here since June I will probably be leaving São Carlos.  :(

So as always General Conference was so Good. I loved that they had General Authorities speaking different languages in the Conference Center. I thought that was awesome. Especially when Elder Godoy gave his talk in Portuguese :)

I watched the Saturday session in Português because the stake leaders didn't have the tv set up for the americans. I was a little disappointed but to my surprise I understood everything that was being said, so its all good. But we got to watch the Sunday session in English. haha I love English. But it was funny because when Elder Godoy came on and started giving his talk and we started listening to the English Voice-over, I looked at all the Americans and we were all like yeah lets watch this in Português so we changed the channel to watch it in Portugues. it was good.

I had a good week. Thanks you for your prayers and support!
Love you all,
Sister Roberts

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