Monday, November 10, 2014

Knew it!

I know that I like always start my emails like this "This week we saw so many miracles" But its true!
So I was getting a little frustrated because we could not get a date marked with four of our investigators. Finally after a lot of praying I felt like we need to teach them all the Plan of Salvation. Part of us was like well we already taught them all the Plan of Salvation but how can we adapt the lessons to their needs.
So Sister Davis brings up the question "well what do teenage girls think about" haha and I'm like "BOYS" and she was like so how are we going to tie that into the Plan of Salvation. Oh my gosh. We came up with the most incredible lesson of my life. So we asked them 

"What things make you the happiest?"
 And they are all like "my family and my boyfriend"
haha I was just thinking to myself "KNEW IT"
So then I was like "yeah me too"

And Sister Davis and I showed them pictures of our families and our boyfriends and what not and holy cow it really caught them their attention and then we showed them pictures of the temple and how the temple is the only place where families can be sealed together forever. And we found an old temple pamphlet and showed the pictures of the sealing room and what not and the invitation that we made at the end was
"Will you prepare yourself to go to the temple by being baptized November 22nd?" and guess what THEY ALL ACCEPTED!!!

I am so excited. I love these 4 girls so much, they are so beautiful, and I hope that they will continue to be prepare to be baptized so that they can go to the temple. Because lets be honest the Temple is where its at.

This week was a good week. I am loving it here. Thanks for all of your support and prayers you all are awesome!
Com Amor,
Sister Roberts

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