Monday, November 24, 2014

I want to punch Satan in the face

Gahh... this week.. I don't even know. Well if we are going to be honest this week was not my favorite.
We have been working so hard with these girls, and all of the sudden out of know where all of these road blocks came up..ugh.

One of the girls want so bad to be baptized and originally her mom gave her permission, but when we went to go sign the papers her mom was like "Well I think we need to wait a little bit more" 

One of the other ones is so ready to be baptized but she wants to wait till her boyfriend can baptize her, so I've been a little annoyed at that.

Hellen and Erika are our prime investigators were going to get baptized this weekend and then freaking satan was like hey let me put a bunch of doubts and fears into your head to scare you away from baptism... dumb

So all that went down but we still had hope for this one last girl, she was going to church, going to all the activites, loving everything about it, wants to get baptized and then BOOM she tells us that her girlfriend doesn't want her to get baptised. I can not tell you how hard it was teaching the Law of Chasity to her. I'm pretty sure that was the Hardest lesson that I have ever given in my entire life. I was so emotionally drained after that

Also we have transfers tomorrow, and the queira sister davis is leaving me... :(

Well the good news is that I'm staying here :) Woohoo! So I get at least one more try with these beautiful girls.. gosh I love them so much. And I will get to be here for Christmas!! WOOHOOO
And also I hit one year this week.. holy cow I can't believe that I have been on the mission for more than a year, this is passing by so fast.
So of course because it was my mission birthday we had to celebrate, so I made a cake, dude this cake was so sick, it was a piña colada cake with beijinho on the top and it was just delicious and so the other Sisters sang to me and I blew out my one year candle.. it was pretty fabulous. Also, had a great interview with president this week.. it was just fabulous, love that man.

This week was hard, but I'm so excited that I have another 6 weeks here in Poços! Its going to be great!

Love you All!
♥ Sister Roberts
(okay now that I'm looking at this I feel like a creep..*sigh oh well)

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