Monday, November 3, 2014

Do you know who you are?

This week was hard. We are currently working with 5 young women from the ages of 13-19 They are so beautiful, and its so hard working with them because they are so ready to be baptized, and they have the desire to be baptized but all of them just don't feel like that they are good enough to get baptize.
 Part of me wants to be like " Do you not realize who you are?!?! YOU ARE A DAUGHTER OF GOD!!!! Who LOVES you!" I think that has been one of the hardest things for me is seeing the potential that people have. When I look at these girls and hear about their past mistakes and see all of the trials that have been through I just want so bad to help them realize the potential that they have. That we can actually live with our Heavenly Father again. That we can be sealed to our families forever. That no matter how bad our sins are we can be forgiven of everything because we have an older brother who suffered and died for us. I think that the hardest thing as a missionary is that we have this knowledge and we know that its true and its so heartbreaking when others don't come to accept themselves as sons or daughters of God.

But I love these girls so we are going to keep working with them.

Yesterday was some kind of holiday like day of the dead or something. So our district went to the city cemetery and did some preaching. At first I was like what cemetery..creepy..but honestly there was nothing like teaching the plan of salvation in a cemetery it was kinda cool.

Thanks everyone for the letters and emails. I'm always so happy to see that I have emails every Monday! You all are the best. LOVE YOU!
Sister Roberts

In front of a river
 What up
 Me and Sister Davis

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