Monday, February 9, 2015

Hey can we leave you with a present?

So this week was mais ou menos. We tried working again on Tuesday but my toe was not healed all the way :( It got infected again and Sister Canuto me mandou para ficar em casa :( So we went back to the doctor Friday,

Well actually this is what happened, when we were there the first time we left us his number and he was all like, call me if it still doesn't get better, or if you are having any other problems. So we called him on Thursday, and he was all like "MALLORY" gosh its so weird to here my first name.."I was thinking about you today, how is your toe? How is my favorite American patient :D :D "...oh my gosh.. i think we was trying to hit on me. So I explain to him the situation and he is all like "okay come to my office tomorrow and we can take a look at it."

So we get there, get everything taken care of and as we are saying good bye I'm like "hey can we leave you with a present? And he gets all excited and he is like what kind of present. hahahaha

I hand him O livro de Mórmon..haha funny. He is all like "Oh I know people from your religion. I want to know more. Does this book have all that I need to be saved" 

Yes Doctor Walace, its got everything you need to know.

So that was a cool missionary experience, and hey if he gets baptized then all this time in casa wasn't in vão! 

But guess what today I am a FREE WOMAN!! All my toe problems and what not are taken care of and Sister Pontes and I are already to go.

This week we visited one our neighbors luciano, and had a really spiritual experience! And we marked a baptism with him for this month. Praying for him that everything will go well :)

Life is good,
I am happy
the church is true

Love you all!
Sister Roberts

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