Monday, March 23, 2015

"Suffer the Children..."

This week as really Good. My companion and I traveled a lot visiting our investigators in the other towns that surround Jaú but still make up part of our branch. Also we went and did a couple of divisions with some of the Sisters in São Manuel. It was super fun. I Love doing divisions. I got to go with Sister Moraes and Sister Almeida, they are both being trained and Holy Cow, they both have so much gas, haha it was kinda hard to keep up with them. But it was cool to be able to show them different técnicas and what not. It was cool. 

But because we went and did divisions with them we lost about 3 days in our area. Its hard to leave your area for that long especially because we just got back last week from Piracicaba, after my companion had surgery. (which she is doing fine by the way). But the Lord blessed us, because we found someone to be baptized!!! WOOOHOOO

Wellington, has 10 years, he is the grandchild of one of the members here in Jaú. He may just be the purest and nicest kid I have ever met. Wellington comes from a very humble home. Actually his house is more like a fort. Its got blankets and old wooden planks as walls and big tin slate as a roof. There are old rugs covering the dirt floors and they burn wood to keep the place warm.I don't think I have ever been in a more humble home than this one. But the grandparents that take care of him have a lot of faith!!! May they are beautiful people. Wellington is beautiful.

I have been so humbled this week with our experience with Wellington that all I think about is Christ saying "Suffer the Children to Come to Me" Christ loves the children. I do too. I am praying that this week his mom will give him permission to be baptize and if everything goes well We will have levou um mais alma a Cristo. :)

Love you all! 
Thanks for your support :)
Love, Sister Roberts

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