Monday, April 13, 2015


This week was full of miracles! Wow. 
So this week we were working alot with Naidir. She is a mother to one the recent converts here in Lago do Silério. And for the first time we were able to get her to come to church!! Woohoo. We are going to work really hard this week to try and set a baptismal date for this month. Hopefully everything will go okay. With the Lords help it always will. 

We have been working so hard. This week was the only week that my companion and I had to stay in our area, these next couple of weeks we are going to be doing a bunch of traveling, but it will be good. We got in a ton of lessons and we were blessed with a lot of miracles. 

I love the feeling you get when you get into the lesson and  you feel the spirit guiding you to know what to say and how to help these people. I honestly don't think that there is a better feeling than this. I am going to miss this. :(

Here is some pictures of my life,

Love you all, 
Have a good week :)
♥ Sister Roberts 

 Missão Brasil Piracicaba whatup

Do you want to eat some chicken feet?

This may be one of the most beautiful fruits I have ever seen..I forgot the name of it..awkward

 Its like a white kiwi

My companion loves me.. só happiness!!
Food from the hospital..yuck..also I don't know why I am doing a thumbs up..awkward
Aww..minha compan heirazinha getting ready for surgery 

Activity da Soc Soc..they all dressed up like pioneers
For the first time Gabriel and his entire family came to church
My companion and I are freaks and wanted to dress up like twins for conselho do liderança
Yeah that awkward moments we had to do a practice together like a couple that was living together but didn't want to keep the law of chastity.... :P
Watching conference in English!! Woohoo
Our Easter festa in between conference sessions
One of the elders family is living in japan and sent him hichews!!! you have no idea the alegria I felt.
 I'm calling you from the middle of no where
We are teaching a family and they make shoes for a living and they gave me a pair for Free!!! do i decided to use them as I made Juice!

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