Monday, March 3, 2014

De Novo??

First of All Shout out to my irmão Logan for getting into BYU!!! FESTA!!!!!!

I love Sumaré. The ward mission leader is awesome. He helps us out so much. Unfortunately we don't have any solid investigators that we are preparing for baptism (fun fact: 2 of my investigators got baptized this week in Piracicaba super exciting) which means that we have a lot of work to do. So Sister Richards and I were super pumped to start the week But for the first two days that we were here All of our lessons fell through! All of them! And we were feeling super discouraged and everything until the Assistants had called us and told us that we had a referral from the Campinas Mission. Right after we got off the phone the Bishop called and gave us a referral for the same person! So we were super excited. We went over to this guys house you know all pumped and everything but when we got there...well lets just say that we were not welcomed and the guy ended up calling the police...not exactly how we had pictured it but its fine.

Towards the end of the day Sis Richards wasn't feeling so hot. She was so sick so we had to stay in our casa on Friday. But on Saturday she was feeling worse so the Ward Mission leaders wife called and took us to the Hospital.. Yep I went to the Hospital De Nono! I think I have now officially been to the hospital more times these past couple of months than I have my entire life... its fine. My companion had to get some blood work done and unfortunately her body couldn't handle the IV So she started shaking uncontrollably and I'm sitting here freaking out thinking that my companion is about to die and I'm like "AJUDA Ela!!" So she got rushed to the emergency room which was super fun. Luckily everything turned out fine and all is well..but man I am so over hospitals.

Despite all of that this week was awesome. Because it was the first week since being in Brazil that I haven't felt lost or confused, frustrated, unhappy and all those other negative emotions that I have been feeling for the past 3 months Honestly being a missionary is Soooo HARD! It can be so emotionally and mentally draining. Not being able to communicate your thoughts and desires, not being able to understand the needs of the investigators. Constantly being with someone that doesn't know how to communicate with you. Its rough. So many times I have thought "Why am I here? Why Brazil? Why Portuguese?" But Heavenly Father knows exactly what and where we need to be. I love my companion. Haha I love that she is American and that we can help each other. Its great. Being a missionary is Hard, but at the same time its so incredibly awesome!
-Sister Roberts

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  1. Love you Sister Roberts! Keeping you in our prayers.