Monday, March 10, 2014


So this past weekend was Carnaval! FESTA FESTA! Actually we are missionaries so no festa but here in the Brazil the youth all the single adults all go to Youth camp. So it was really hard this week to try to find people to teach with us. But other than that Carnaval didn't really have an affect on us this week. Although while we were walking home at night my innocent eyes saw things that I wish they hadn't.. its fine.
I love Açai

So here in Sumaré My companion and I live with two other lovely Sisters. Sister Richardson and Sister Cordeiro. Sister Richardson is from Scotland and she rocks. Haha she is so funny. I love her! And Sister Cordeiro, Recife Brazil She is the funniest Brazilian that I have ever met.
 Sister Cordeiro is Crazy and insane But I love her
Sister Richardson and Sister Cordeiro Also live with us and I love them!

We have a such a good time together. But Unfortunatly as usual we all got really sick this week.. Yep that's right another visit to the Hospital!!! Woot Woot..Not.. I am so sick of hospitals its not even funny. Its so frustrating because we want to go out and work and baptize but instead we spend like the whole day at the hospital trying to figure out problems and then we spend the next day "recovering" Its awful and I hate it but whatever. We are all praying that this week we don't have any health problems so we don't have to visit the hospital.
After vistiting the hospital for what feels like the thousandth time Sister Richards and I went and got FroYo!

On the bright side, my Portuguese is getting so much better. I am feeling way more confident in my speaking ability even though I still don't speak very well. And I think we have found some solid people to teach so we are hoping that we will be able to commit a few people to baptism this week!

Things are looking up :)

Love, Sister Roberts

P.S. YAY Photos this week. Finally found a computer that could handle the uploading of pictures!!
The streets of Sumaré
The "Pretty" Part of my Area here in Sumaré

After a LOOONG Day of work
So We have this really long planning session that we have to do every week and its "Planajamento Semanal" So when we passed this on the street we though it was funny.
My old Companion gave me this Futebol Jersery. Its Awesome
We may or may not have gotten into a frosting fight..its fine.

Pictures below are from Piracicaba that wouldn't load earlier
My bedroom in Piracicaba
Our name tags
  Haha As I was packing all of my stuff to leave Piracicaba Sister Bispo and Sister Pamela found all my tampons and they started freaking out because in Brazil they don't have them. So I gave them some..So funny
 The Last dinner I had in Piracicaba with my favorite family. Love them!
Cool looking Church in Piracicaba.
 My zone made me a cake for my Birthday!
Our Broken sink in Piracicaba

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  1. Awesome Sister Roberts! Keeping you in our prayers. Love you.