Monday, March 17, 2014


"HALLELUJAH!!! Can I get a AMEN!?!"  Yep that's right, Sister Richards and I got the wonderful opportunity to visit a different Church last night. Well more like I felt tricked into going to one of our Pesquisadore's church. So here is what happened Saturday night Our Pesquisadore was really really nervous to come visit our church like super nervous because in his faith visiting other churches is a SIN. But we talked him in to going. The whole time he was there though he looked so nervous and as Sacrament meeting ended he quickly got up and told "Be at my house at 7:00, We need to talk" And you know the optimistic sister missionaries we are, we are like "Yeah he is going to want to be baptized woot woot" um..No.

What happens is we get to his house and he is all dressed up nice and fancy and asks us to walk with him and talk with him. And my Portuguese isn't super great so I'm only kinda understanding the conversation but he starts listing off all of these rules and everything and I'm like where are we going what are we doing. We get to this Other Church and he brings some nice ladies over to us and tells us to Enter. I just look at Sister Richards and I'm like "Are we going to to this church?" And She just looks at me and is like "I guess so" And I'm like okay this will be good, its good to learn to about other religions right? I mean as a missionary we ask people to take a chance with us everyday so this will be good. We walk in and everyone just stares at us because of our name tags and because we are the only women wearing make-up, with hair that hasn't been cut, and legs that are shaved and ect..

There were probably about 300 people in the congregation and they made us sit in the very front row! (which actually was good because I didn't understand any of the pastors Portuguese but they had an interpreter for the deaf members in the congregation and I understood almost everything she was signing). Anyway this whole experience was interesting.. So interesting. Its interesting because our Pesquisadore was trying to convert us to his religion when really this experience strengthened my own testimony that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is Restored. And that the spirit testifies of Truth.

I respect other people and their beliefs. I think its awesome that other people want to worship God. But I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint has the Authority to act in Gods name. I am so grateful that we have a Prophet that leads us and guides us and that there doesn't have to any confusion to follow the will of God. So Grateful for this knowledge!!

♥ Sister Roberts
Last P-day we went to Walmart! It was fabulous!
We also went to Subway it was so American it was fabulous
Haha we wanted to copy the picture that Junior had sent me last week.. so funny
What a great Pillow
Sunsets in Sumaré

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  1. Love you Sister Roberts! Keeping you all in our prayers. You are having great adventures and experiences.