Monday, March 24, 2014


OH MY GOSH!!! Logan is going to ECUADOR!!! Woot Woot!! I am so excited. I watched the video of him opening up his mission Call and I may or may not have cried.. it fine. I am so excited. For reals that was the highlight of my week.

Mostly because this week my companion was sick, actually Sister Richardson and Sister Cordeiro were sick as well.. Basically they were all sick all week so none of us left the house this week. Super super depressing, especially because I feel like our area is so fragile and its really hard to keep investigators when we can't go visit them :( Hopefully everyone will be feeling better this week so we can go and work :)

However this week I got crafty again. We have an investigator who has a four year old daughter that got really really sick, and as a result she lost the ability to walk and lost all of her speech. I also believe that she has a hard time seeing and hearing as well. This makes it really difficult for her to come to church. But last week when we went and visited her I noticed that her daughter loves to touch things. She loves to feel different textures and ect. So I got this idea that I should make her a quiet book. But I thought to myself, I have no idea how to make one of those. I know how to sew but I don't know where we are going to find material or a sewing machine and even if I do find materials I don't know how to sew a book together. So I kinda just pushed the idea aside but through out the whole week the idea kept coming back, so finally I told Sister Richards what I wanted to do and we found a fabric store, and as we were at the fabric store looking for fabric my companion explained to the lady what we wanted to make, and she was so touched that she gave us fabric for free! And we found a member with a sewing machine! So we spent all of last P-day sewing and making this book for this little girl. Honestly it was a miracle, some how I knew what I was doing, and somehow we created this beautiful book.
Our Book we made and some of the pages

Also on Saturday night we had the ward talent show. Haha so funny. Definitely the best ward talent show that I've been too. Haha Brazilians are so funny. And last min the Bishop was like "Sister Roberts Sister Cordeiro I need your help. My wife and I want to be the Beetles but there are 4 Beetles and there are only two of us so you need to sing with us. and Sister Roberts you need to pretend that you are playing the drums okay?!"  Oh MY GOSH Funniest thing of my life! Seriously that was so funny. But yep Apparently I have the talent of playing the air drums.. thank you very much.

But for reals, God gave us talents, and I've learned that its so important that we use what ever we have to help build the kingdom of God, Whether its playing the hymn for sacrament meeting, or sewing a book for a little girl, its so important that we use our talents to help others.

love you all,
Sister Roberts
Super funny story.. So Sister Richards and I got back from a super long day of work right. We are like super exhausted and we sit down to plan for the next day when I look over at our window and I let out the loudest scream because a bloody baby doll leg is hanging in our window, and of course because I scream super loud so does Sister Richards and Oh my gosh...Thank you Sister Richardson for the prank..super funny.
 Super great picture of the missionaries in our zone

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