Monday, May 5, 2014

It feels good to help people

I had some very interesting experiences this past week. Normally on Monday night we try to attend a Noite Familiar (Family Home Evening) with one of the ward members. But this Monday we didn't have one scheduled so we called bishop and asked if there was a Noite Familiar that we could go to, and he invited us to his house. So we get there and guess who is there?!? an AMERICAN Family. This family has only been living in Brazil for 2 weeks, The Father served his mission here a little while ago and speaks really good Portuguese, but his wife doesn't know any. I could tell that she was a little stressed and confused and nervous, and couldn't understand why everyone was greeting her with kisses ect. Its crazy because I know exactly how felt, because that's how I felt when I first got here. Sister Richards and I were the only ones there that spoke English, I'm glad that the bishop invited us to go there because I think we helped her..haha at least I hope we did :)

Tuesday we had transfers, I'm no going to lie I was super nervous for them. But I LOVE my new companion, Sister Lucero, she is from Argentina, and she pretty much rocks my socks off. She is so funny, and so humble, and I think we teach lessons really well together. Its funny because sometimes when she is talking she will throw in some spanish words and I'm like umm.. "não entendi" and she is all like "Oh sorry I spoke spanish"

We taught some really solid lessons this week. Basically all of our investigators know that the church is true and the Book of Mormon is True ect. But they do not want to commit to baptism. That's been hard for me this week, because I feel so much love for them and for this gospel, and I know that the gospel can be a huge blessing in their lives. So this week My companion and I are hoping to commit people to baptism.. Its Going to Be Good!

Also I've got good news.
This week
I Taught
English Class
(as my mom would sing ♫ It's a M i r a c l e ♫)
Oh my gosh I was so nervous to teach English class. We have two classes, a basic and an advanced. Normally I teach just the advanced because its in all English, and normally Sister Richards taught the Basic. Do You know how hard it is to explain English in Portuguese, but the Lord really helped me this week and I was able to do it WOOHOO!!

Also I decided that I wanted to have a fiesta, so last night I made crepes for my companion and the other sisters and they taught me how to samba! Funniest thing of my life..
Basically this week was good, the Lord helped me a lot this week. I'm so grateful to him.
Have a fabulous week!
Com Amor,
Sister Roberts!

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