Monday, May 26, 2014

We did what?

So Fabio didn't get baptized this week....I cried. But its all good because I've got faith that he will be baptized this weekend! or maybe next weekend..haha. Other than that this week was really good. So everyone tells you "that on the mission you are going to learn so much about yourself" ect. So this week I learned that I am way to weird and crazy. Basically my companion and I did some pretty "loco" things this week.

 So we are like a mile and a half away from our home and I see this really nice desk siting in the trash. And I looked at my companion and I was like hey, we need a new desk lets take this one back to our casa. She thought I was joking....haha... She was like "yeah we will just carry this huge thing all the way home" I was like "yeah lets do it" Haha imagine two sister missionaries carrying a desk through the streets of Sumaré. All of these really old Men were whispering and talking about us and laughing, and basically it was the funniest thing of my life. It was really funny because afterwards we called the Mission President's wife, Sister Canuto and told her that she didn't have to buy a new desk for us, she was like "You did What?!?!"" and then she just laughed at us and told us that we were crazy.
The desk we carried back to our home
Also we had interviews with President this week. I love President, he is so funny and so awesome. We had a really funny conversation. He asked me what I had studied yesterday in my personal study and I  I'm reading the Old Testament, I'm in 2 kings chapter 2 he pulls out his bible and is like what did you learn from this and I'm like um..don't make fun of bald men... haha President just laughed.. I love that man.

This week was good, and I think this next week will be even better.

Love you all!!
Sister Roberts
Sister Pagone and I waiting for interviews.
We call this the Garden of Eden
We are crazy.
Look I'm a model.

Really cool caterpillar
Look Cows
What a nice pretty field over there

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