Monday, June 2, 2014


Oh my gosh!! guess what!?! FABIO WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
!!!!!!!! AaaHhh!!!
I can't even express to you how happy I am and how intense our last lesson was with him.
So because Fabio didn't come to Church this past week we decided it would be best to give him a little bit of time before we tried again with him. But of course I couldn't get him out of my mind this week. Literally he was all that I thought about this week. Finally Saturday I was like "Sister, we are going to see Fabio in English class, lets invite him to meet with the Elders tonight". 

She didn't like my idea.

You know sometimes its hard when you are the "Junior" and you KNOW that you need to be doing something different than what your companion thinks.

So through out the day I was like, Sister I really think we need to do this.  Finally we both agreed and decided to meet with the Elders and Fabio. 

Oh my gosh. The spirit was so strong. Sister Lucero and I didn't say anything during the lesson, we just let our zone leader do his thing and finally we were like "Fabio will you excise your faith in our Savior Jesus Christ and be baptized tonight" ... we sat there in silence for a good 20 sec, waiting for him to respond. And he was like yeah "Yeah I will" 

That may have been the happiest moment of my life.

Unfortunately because he had work, he was baptized Sunday Morning before church started. It was beautiful.

I am so Happy. I love my companion, I love the people here in Sumaré and I love this work.

com Amor,
Sister Roberts

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