Monday, June 16, 2014

Copa da Mundo

This week has been fantastic. I love São Carlos, the members here are awesome. I think this might be my favorite area, I'm hoping that I will get to stay here for a couple of transfers. 

Opening a new area is hard but its been a really good experience. We have gotten to know a lot of the members here and so far it seems that they really like us and that they are excited to have Sisters in the ward. (There were Elders here before us and apparently the ward wasn't a huge fan of them) We also made so many contacts this week. I feel like there is so much potential and I am so excited to serve these people.

This week was really exciting because the World Cup started. People here go Crazy of Soccer! Oh My G o s h. Missionaries here in Brazil aren't aloud to work on days that Brazil is playing, we only get to leave to go to lunch, but even then we have to have a ride there and back. So on Thursday we didn't go out and work, which was a little frustrating because we are opening our area and there is so much that we need to do, but it was kinda nice to sit inside and chill. We don't get to watch the games but  we didn't need to, to know what the score was. Ever time Brazil scored fireworks went off and people were having parities in the streets, its a pretty exciting time to be here in Brazil.
All of the streets are painted like this for the World Cup

I love my companion Sister Cordeiro, She is awesome, and so loving, and hilarious. We have so much fun together.
 Our Name Tags :)

I am excited about this transfer, I think its going to be a good one :)
I love you all!
Love, Sister Roberts
Our "Trunky" Fridge in Sumaré. Do You like it?
WoppHOOO Got a package from home

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