Monday, June 30, 2014


YES!! President gave us permission to watch all of the Brazil games in the World Cup. My companion and I were pretty excited to watch the games Monday and Saturday. Honestly, I didn't really like soccer, but I got way too into the game on Saturday. We are excited to watch the games this week too.
This week was hard. Literally had no motivation to make contacts this week. NO ONE wants to listen to us. Every time we try stopping someone on the street and they see our name tags they look at us shake their head and tell us that we are going to hell.. I feel for these people. Finding new people to teach is hard.

And I feel like none of the current people that we are teaching want to make commitments.. 

The hardest part about this week was Antonio. We had a lesson with him on Friday, and it went okay, but on Sunday when I asked his wife why he didn't show up to church, she told me that he didn't want to meet with us again, and that he didn't want to be baptized. Its frustrating, and its hurts, I feel a lot of love for Antonio... I think this week we are going to bring him cookies.

We are teaching a family though. This family is awesome. The two kids have been recently baptized and we are working with their parents. The Parents like the Church, they believe everything that we say, and they have a testimony of the book of Mormon, the only thing is, is that they don't think marriage is important. They aren't married and after living together for 23 years they don't think they need to be. I am kinda excited because this week are going to talk about eternal famalies and temple marriages (one of my favorite lessons) we are going to try and mark a wedding with them.

life is hard, buts its good.


Sister Roberts
I like this horse..he is my friend
This guy lives next door to us. He can't hear or talk, but he always smiles when we come and visit him.
  edge of our area

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