Monday, June 9, 2014

Tchau Sumaré

This week wasn't super exciting. Everyday this week we helped out the community with a service project. Prevent dengue.
We basically walked around the streets of Sumaré and passed out seeds that are to help prevent dengue. It was super boring, but hey I learned new words about dengue and flowers and how to help things grow so it was good.
My companion and me passing out flyers for dengue
We had transfers this week. I leave tomorrow for São Carlos and I will be companions with Sister Cordeiro. I'm a little sad, because I love the people here in Sumaré This ward is great, and I love my English class, and I love Fabio. But I'm ready for a change so it will be good, and Sister Cordeiro is my buddy so basically we will have a festa everyday!!
 English class
 English class
Baptism of Fabio

We had a really special stake conference this week, a broadcast from Salt Lake, for all the stakes here in São Paulo. It was cool, Elder Ballard and Elder Scott spoke. I understood almost everything. Wow, my Portuguese has gotten so much better. It continues to be my biggest struggle here on the mission but everyday it gets a little bit better. But the conference was cool. Did you know that Elder Scott Speaks Portuguese? It was cool to listen to his talk in His voice. He has a really strong accent but it was cool.

I love you all!!
Sister Robers

P.S. Yay fotos!! Finally!!
Making deep fired candy bars for the missionaries in my zone

 All the Elders told me that I would marry well because of my deep fried candy bar making skills..thanks Elders
My zone here in Sumaré

We got invited to a birthday party for one of our investigators
 Making cookies... my chocolate hand
Sister Lourene and I like to take "selfe"
Some of my favorite ward members here in Sumaré
cooking again

Walking the streets with these ladies

 Streets of Sum

in front of my church
Baptism of the other Sisters
Baptism of the other Sisters with all the other missionaries
 With President Canuto

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