Monday, December 1, 2014


Guys guess what I did this week. Ahh I'm just so excited about it haha I made a PUMPKIN PIE!!!!!

isn't beautiful? Da para casar?

You know its been a long time since I've really missed america but this week knowing that it was Thanksgiving and that you all were going to feast on delicionsness I just got really trunky for american food. and so I got talking to Sister Padilla and I was like "I think we need to make a pie" So we called our dear friend Debbie (Debbie is our american friend that is a member of the church and teaches english here in Poços with her husband..They are awesome) and I was like "hey debbie do you have a pumpkin pie recipe? 

It took us three days to make, because we had to make it out from a real pumpkin, and had to ground up  but is was one of the best and most american things that I've eaten here. 
     I    a m     H a p p y.

This week was good, I got a new Companion, Sister Pontes, she is Brazilian so I'm hoping that my português is going to get better this transfer. I really like her, she is a really good missionary. It was her birthday this week, so we through her a little surprise party with some of the members..haha it was funny because we were "on our way to an appointment" when I was like "Sister I feel really strongly we need to knock on this door" haha and SURPRISE! it was good.

I am so excited for this month. Things are looking up, we are for sure going to have a "White Christmas" and When I say White Christmas, i mean everyone dressed up in white to get baptized! Its going to be fabulous.

I love you all. Thanks for your support. You all are awesome!
Sister Roberts

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