Monday, December 29, 2014

Best Christmas Ever

Guys, I just had the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!!

So this week was just fabulous. So here in Brazil its tradition that everyone stays up till 12:00 on Christmas Eve, and at midnight everybody feasts we call this véspera de Natal And guess what?! President Canuto let us stay out till 12:30am!!! FESTA! So we went and spent Christmas Eve at one of our favorite members houses and we had a Churrasco (BBQ) It was so much fun! And then we came back to our house and opened up presents (because here normally people open presents after the feast on Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day)
Woohoo Christmas Presents

And then Christmas was just awesome, we started out with our District meeting, everybody brought desserts and we basically just pigged out, and then we went to lunch and pigged out some more, gosh the food here is so good. You know its a really good thing that there are a bunch of hills here because if there weren't I would be gaining a ton of weight.
The District

After Lunch we ran to another members house and talked to our families. 
It is so refreshing to talk to your mom, you have no idea. Gosh my brothers are growing up..what the heck...I am going to look so short when I get home.

And then we ended Christmas in the best way possible......
With a BATISMO!!!!!

Thayna was baptized Christmas night. We had marked this baptism on Friday but her parents are super super against the church and did not want her to be baptized, and basically they ground her from going to church and so this whole week we were praying and hoping that everything would go well so that she could be baptized. We had no way to communicate with her at all this week, but guys miracles happen. She showed up with her boyfriends family (who is in the other ward) and was baptized. I am so HAPPY. We have been working so hard with her for the past couple of months and I have never seen someone so prepared to be baptized..
.Batismo de Thayna!

I just love my life :)

I love you all I hope you all had a Good Christmas too. Thanks for all the letters and the packages haha my companion really likes American food.

com amor,
Sister Roberts
Presidente and Sister Canuto
Future Roommates? quem sabe :)
Me and one of my Favorite investigators, Beth
 È Nois!

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